Spring Clean your Skincare Routine

Spring Clean your Skincare Routine

Spring has sprung and the new season brings with it an opportunity to spring clean more than your home and that kitchen drawer (you know, the one every household has) because, just like you pack away your chunky Winter jerseys and bring out your chic Spring jumpsuits, you should give your skincare regime a seasonal update too. We’ve rounded up the five products you can add to cart this month to give the effects of the Winter months the cold shoulder and beat the heat come Summer.


First up, let’s talk cleansing and exfoliating. Because what would a good Spring clean be without a thorough clean and a good scrub, right? Our team is loving the SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Cleansing Gel – a non-drying but highly active exfoliating cleanser that contains a combination of Glycolic Acids and Salicylic Acid. Not only does this cleanser effectively decongest pores and smooth out irregularities – making it ideal for more oily skin types and a game-changer for skin’s prone to acne and breakouts – it’s also effective at tackling photo-damage, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, while its potent formulation actively removes impurities and excess oil.


The Winter months (with the cold temps and super-drying heaters) can be brutal on your skin’s barrier, which is why we recommend Lamelle Serra Restore Cream as the perfect addition to your skincare routine, on its own or as an add-on when your go-to moisturiser needs a bit of a helping hand. Utilising lipid barrier technology, this rich moisturiser thoroughly corrects deficient skin barrier function, leaving the skin smooth without that greasy after feel that none of us are fans of. 


 If you’re all about the great outdoors, neglecting to check that your day cream contains an SPF is like tackling a thorough oven cleaning session without gloves – not a good idea. Enter Neostrata Sheer Hydration SPF 40, an oil-free, daily hydrating moisturiser that helps control and reduce excess oiliness while reducing pore sizes, enhancing radiance and clarity, and providing broad spectrum sunscreen protection. The phrase ‘over-achiever’ comes to mind and we’re a fan! Oil-free, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic, this moisturiser contains NeoGlucosamine to improve uneven skin texture and reduce the appearance of dark marks, and Phytotal – a botanical blend – that manages your skin’s oil production without any irritation.


Continuing the theme of ‘over-achievers’ in the skincare department, this one’s for those of us who are big on sunscreen and like the ‘no makeup’ look but aren’t big on going totally bare-faced in public. Available in Pearl, Beige and Bronze, Heliocare 360 Color Gel Oil-Free SPF 50 is a full spectrum photoprotective liquid makeup with a light consistency that covers imperfections and evens out skin tone, delivering a matte finish. Because it contains Fernblock®FC and other potent antioxidants, this ‘beauty’ of a sunscreen repairs your skin at a DNA level; protects it from UVB, UVA, high energy visible light and Infrared radiation; and as it contains Vitamins C and E, it nourishes and hydrate your skin, too.


The new season is the perfect opportunity to try something new and expand your supplements collection beyond run-of-the-mill multi-vitamins. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a scoop or two of anti-ageing, glow-getting goodness in their morning shake. So, with that in mind, check out Peptan-rich iSkin Super Collagen – a supplement that supports all the connective tissues in your body, stimulating local cells in the target tissues to produce more collagen courtesy of the world’s leading brand of collagen peptides. 


As always, you can add any of the Spring-savvy products mentioned in this article to cart by paying a visit to our Online Skin Shop and if you have any questions – or simply want to know more about the best way to step up your skincare this September – chat to a therapist or doctor at any one of our Skin Renewal branches nationwide.

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