De-Age your Skin from the Inside Out

De-Age your Skin from the Inside Out

Much like adding a supplement to support your body's health or areas of wellbeing you wish to improve, your skin can reap beautiful rewards from the nutraceuticals you include in your dietary plan. The medical aesthetic experts at Skin Renewal love these age-fighting supplements. Some are especially beneficial for skin and anti-ageing; they help slow down cellular maturation caused due to inflammation, known to result in premature ageing. And what you start to see in the mirror are visible lines and wrinkles that have begun to set in. While the right home care products and a stellar in-clinic treatment plan mean clever intervention, understanding the power of supplementation imbibes skin with good health and renewed vitality. What to invest in? 

Here's why they'll do wonders for your skin: 

Meriva (Curcumin)

As inflammation drains the skin of its youth and vibrance, taking an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that helps fight "inflammageing" (premature ageing caused by chronic low levels of inflammation in the body) may be the natural solution you need. Meriva is formulated with the potent active ingredient Curcumin to help those with chronic and even acute inflammation. In fact, regular use can protect the cardiovascular system from harmful inflammation and lessen the risk of heart disease. 

NAD+ Resveratrol

On the subject of antioxidants, these are essential to the body in neutralising free radicals responsible for cell and tissue damage. Want your skin cells to be healthy and repaired from the inside out? Add an antioxidant to your supplementation intake. NAD + Resveratrol not only encourages better cellular health and repair but also supports energy production. You'll also get the added bonus of help with brain and cognitive function. And there's more good news; Resveratrol assists in supporting immunity, essential now and in time to come. 

Pro-pheroid Glutathione

Another keen defender in the body's fight – and therefore your skin's fight – against inflammation is pro-pheroid glutathione. This extremely caring nutrient helps put back in what age takes out. As our body matures, our natural levels of glutathione may lessen. Due to its many health benefits, shrinking supplies shouldn't go unchecked. From reducing inflammation to helping support our immune system, Pro-pheroid glutathione is powerful for your wellbeing. And even if you're just feeling the effects of stress or worry that your nutrition lacks something, this supplement is wonderfully restorative. 

Vitamin D3

While we'd never encourage you to sun expose yourself without the necessary sunscreen, hat and even protective clothing, we do ask you to start reflecting on your relationship with sunshine and your overall health. Think of it like this: 90 percent of your vitamin D is made when you're exposed to sunlight. Living in sunny South Africa with a very high UV means high sunscreen awareness. However, it's that same sunscreen – and yes, it's still vital to wear it - that can block up to 97 percent of the body's vitamin D production. The answer? Supplementation with High Potency Vitamin D3. Without it, you could be missing out on some very essential health payoffs like bone, heart and brain support. It's also – and we love this for a youthful, happy skin – an inflammation fighter, helping the body regulate things. 

Ready to embark on an easy nutraceutical regime that will not only mean a healthier, stronger skin but one that will age better? Us too! Remember, we're always here to help you treat your complexion holistically, and supplements for improved skin quality is very much part of a beautiful skin journey. 

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