Skin Care Products to Pack for Your Break-Away

Skin Care Products to Pack for Your Break-Away

Blink, and it’ll be the holidays. Can you almost smell December? We can! If it’s got the scent of sunscreen, then it probably means you need to buy more. However, things are changing; feel like your schedule is getting busier? Perhaps the slow space you’ve been in for almost two years is quickening, and your lifestyle feels frantic. This is where Skin Renewal’s online shop can help you so efficiently; we have everything from your essential SPF to your daily skin saviours just a website away. Click click, and you’ve got skin care solutions. What to pack? Well, where are you headed this holiday season? 


Whether you’re off to beautiful KZN or a Garden Route hotspot, it may feel tempting to pack a slew of make-up – especially if you want to up your glam game. However, think care over cosmetics. Protecting skin from environmental factors like UV rays (of course) as well as the Mother City’s notorious wind means the skin isn’t as exposed. Want some coverage and sun protection? Reach for a full spectrum colour SPF that gives your complexion an even tone yet the incredible benefits of intelligent UV-guarding ingredients like anti-oxidant rich ferulic acid. This ingredient also helps with DNA repair, which, trust us, you want for healthier-looking skin. Add a healing mask to your beach travel hit list that you can use after a day on the sand. Pump extra moisture back into the skin if it feels drier than usual with lipid ingredients like the ones found in Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask. It also has anti-inflammatory peptides. Score! Another beach holiday essential is a supplement you can take to help support your system while you’re in the sun. Think something with anti-oxidant protection like Vitamins C and E for that extra boost, especially if your skin is photosensitive. Try Heliocare 360 Capsules, and remember to still slather on your sunscreen! 


Summer days in the Kruger means a quintessential SA holiday experience. But it means real December heat! Great for long, lazy nights by the campfire, not so great for the skin. While SPF products are a must, if your skin pigments from heat exposure, be sure to have your product picks packed and ready. A serum is the best way to deliver concentrated active ingredients deep into the skin. For skin brightening and even tone, choose one that exfoliates dead cells and increases cell turnover. NeoStrata Enlighten Illuminating Serum works to correct both sun-induced and hormonal pigmentation, shrinking the appearance of dark spots. Pigmentation that crops up thanks to inflammation also needs targeted treatment. Carry on with your care while on holiday with a product like SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector that helps block melanin from forming even when the skin may be reacting. And so your complexion stays cool, calm and collected on game drives and more; a matte-finish SPF foundation like Lycogel Breathable Camouflage SPF 30 will mean you look shine-free and stay protected. 


If you’re headed to the mountains for hiking trails, crystal pools and picnics, we’re dead jealous. We also advise you up your sunscreen game. Did you know that higher altitudes mean increased UV exposure? This can damage your skin and even cause skin cancer if you’re not properly protected. Up that SPF to a water-resistant (for sweat and swimming purposes) option and one built to prevent Actinic Keratosis (AK) and various other forms of non-melanoma skin cancer. Try HelioCare 360 AK Fluid which has an SPF of 50. Don’t forget the kids; a face and body option means a multi-purpose product. Ensure it’s alcohol and paraben-free, so it’s non-irritating to little skins like HelioCare 360 Paediatrics Mineral SPF50. And while you’re breathing in all that clean mountain air, stay hydrated by drinking more water. Giving your skin more water from your moisturiser will really help too – yes, even if you’re in the showery Drakensberg rather than the sizzling Cederberg. Skin Renewal HA Gel and Peptides are an excellent option for any skin type experiencing dehydration. Boosting hyaluronic acid naturally in your body gives skin an extra dose to flood it with water and anti-ageing benefits. 

Are you excited about holiday D-Day? Here’s to a really happy holiday season! At least you know product stock up is so quick and easy. With Skin Renewal’s online shop, you have a wide choice of cosmeceutical and professional skin care brands. 

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