The sun and protecting the skin

The sun and protecting the skin

Protecting your skin is usually the first step to preventing advanced ageing and sun damage. But what if we told you that you need SPF all year round, rain or shine!

Common characteristics of sun-damaged skin include:

- premature ageing & lines
- pigmentation problems and uneven skin tone
- redness, enlarged or broken blood vessels and capillaries

Traditionally sun care was only worn in summer, all skin doctors will agree that the winter sun and blue light from our computer screens can do just as much harm. SPF is your no.1 anti-ageing tool!

So what are your options?

Many of us struggle to find sunscreen; often, they are too thick, too sticky or don't feel comfortable on the skin. Luckily we have you covered with every texture under the sun!

Textures available:
- Gel/ silk gel
- Mineral
- Gel cream
- Gel oil
- Fluid
- Spray
- Compact
- Tinted
- Air gel
- Oil-free
- Paediatric options for the kids
- Ingestible sunscreen capsules

Sun damage is a very common trigger for hyperpigmentation, especially in hotter climates such as Africa. Freckles, age spots, and other darkened skin patches can become darker or more pronounced when the skin is exposed to the sun, make sure you and your family are protected this summer.

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