Sagging Skin Getting You Down?

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To sag or not to sag? If it’s a question of pressing pause on the inevitable, we’ve got the anti-ageing answers. Because sharing is always caring, we’re sharing our top product and treatment picks for defying gravity this month. You’re welcome!

Botox for the Wrinkle-Removing Win

Gone are the days when wrinkling and crinkling were par for the course, deepening with every additional birthday candle. These days prejuvenation is as openly talked about over coffee with the girls (and guys) as rejuvenation is, thanks to the increasing popularity of injectable, Botulinum and skilled injectors who know how to make you look younger, fresher and more relaxed – never frozen!

Treatments like Botox® or Dysport injections temporarily inhibit muscle movement, stopping the constant motion that becomes etched on your face like a wrinkle. The cost of ‘de-wrinkling’ varies from person to person depending on how many units are needed, and you can expect the results (which ‘kick in’ around the 5-day post-injection) to last about 3 to 4 months. If you’ve been spending a small country’s GDP on lotions and potions promising but not delivering on wrinkle reduction, chat to your Skin Renewal therapist or Doctor about turning back the clock with a few expertly placed needles. 

Really not keen on needles but looking to really invest in yourself and level up your homecare regime? SkinCeuticals A.G.E Interrupter is a rich, anti-ageing moisturiser that improves the appearance of elasticity and firmness. Described recently in a review as “The creme da la creme of moisturisers that plumps, hydrates and firms your skin,” this product is a game-changer for mature, dry, dull and thinning skin.

The Neck's Best Thing

Most women who find themselves closer to 50 than 20 will own up to wishing they’d taken the same care of the skin on their necks as they did the skin on their faces. The reason is that our neck, like our hands, is as exposed to the elements as our complexion but, for many of us, the first time we come across a neck cream like Neostrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream may well be in an article like this one. 

Enter the Nefertiti Neck Lift – the 20 to 30 minute taking its name from Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt, whose elegant bone structure continues to be admired in modern times.

A new technique is achieved by placing multiple injections along the lower jawline and down the side of the neck along the platysma muscles. This ‘no downtime’ procedure relaxes the muscles responsible for pulling the jawline down. Patients on the receiving end of this innovative procedure report improved tightening, an overall reduction of the drooping neck skin, and reduce wrinkles on the neck in as few as three to five days post-procedure. 

These Lips Don't Lie

There’s no escaping it. As we age, our lips start to lose volume and projection, appearing thinner. Why? Well, we begin to lose dental and structural support in the lower face –  a process called soft tissue atrophy. As plumpness moves out of the lips and corners of the mouth, wrinkles move in, and the mouth starts to sag. It is not uncommon to develop an ingrained mouth frown, an unwanted sign of ageing that tends to give an "angry" look to the facial features. That’s the bad news. But we’ve got some good news for you too.

Lip enhancement is no longer the domain of the select few seeking their questionable 15 minutes of centrefold fame. Much like breast augmentation, lip augmentation has come a long way since the 90s – evolving with the times to appeal to grown women of all ages, either wanting to reclaim the fuller, more sensual lips they once had or gift themselves the pout they wish they’d been born with. 

The standard go-to for lip rejuvenation is usually the injection of dermal fillers. However, the Skin Renewal dream team takes a multi-level approach to aesthetic lip rejuvenation – often using a combination of Dermal FillersCarboxytherapyMicro-NeedlingLaser Genesis and Mesotherapy to achieve results you (and selfie mode on your camera) will love.  

Not Fully Sold on the Idea of Lip Filler?

Just recently unpacked, the new Neostrata Correct Lip Wrinkle Repair is an anti-wrinkle, topical line filler for on and around your lips that contains a combination of collagen-boosting peptides as well as 5% NeoGlucosamine and 3% NeoCitriate. 

A building block for Hyaluronic Acid,  NeoGlucosamine stimulates the visible plumping of fine lines around your mouth. NeoCitriate supports your skin's natural collagen production, increasing volume and new skin cell formation. It most definitely gets the KISS of approval from us! 

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