Why Sunscreen Isn’t Just A Summer Thing

Why Sunscreen Isn’t Just A Summer Thing

You’ve heard the advice: in South Africa’s hot summer, wear an SPF of 50 and reapply often. But what about the current cold season? If you’re skipping on your sunscreen in Winter, you’re not doing your skin any favours. 

Down South 

While New Zealand has the highest UV ranking in the world, South Africa is not far behind. Remember, we live in a Southern Hemisphere country, which means more UV exposure – yes, even in Winter – because of the ozone hole (a seasonal depletion of the ozone layer centred on the South Pole). Also, we live in a less polluted part of the world (a good thing); however, pollution particles help block UV. And those sunny Winter’s days we live for? The UV might be weaker than when the temperature’s reading 30 degrees, but we still have to deal with more than our friends in London. 

Best Protection 

Protecting skin against UV damage is a year-round commitment. Incidental sun exposure (for instance, when you’re driving) has a cumulative effect. This means that the signs of ageing thanks to sun damage slowly start getting worse with time without you realising it. Regardless of the season, and especially if you know you’re going to be exposed to the sun, we advise you wear a standalone sunscreen. Once you’ve finished your skincare routine, ending with your moisturiser, use a separate sunscreen, preferably with an SPF of 50. This is because often, most of us don’t reapply again. Many makeup users question whether the SPF dosage in their foundation is enough to give sunscreen a miss? At Skin Renewal, we feel that a broad-spectrum standalone sunscreen (look for a tinted screen if needs be) is vital as it’s undiluted and formulated to act specifically as a sun protector.  

Feel-Good Factor 

What’s important to remember when investing in your sunscreen for Winter is its texture. This product is part of your skincare routine and just as critical for your skin’s needs and condition as your serum or night cream. Are you feeling a little dehydrated at the moment? Look for a hydrating sunscreen that’s packed with moisturising ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid. Worried about breakouts or increased oil production? A sunscreen for oily skin that helps cut oils has a mattifying formulation and contains ingredients such as Silica Silicate, which absorbs sebum and minimises the appearance of pores. For those concerned about pigmentation and ageing – two real struggles in SA climate’s – should opt for an anti-dark mark sunscreen. It’s all about key ingredients for brighter, more even-toned skin. Actives like Kojic Acid and Retinol Glycospheres are known to stop phases of melanin production in their tracks.  

Feeling like it’s time to tackle your Winter sunscreen regime? The medical aesthetic team at Skin Renewal is here to guide you. Even the most sensitive skins have a sunscreen solution, as well as those suffering from specific conditions like rosacea. It’s all about finding the right fit for your skin this season. 

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