Anti-Acne Products

Anti-Acne Products

Tired of breaking down over your breakouts? For at-home acne treatment, innovation is key. These anti-acne products have the right active ingredients for an effective treatment that can really turn your skin around. 

Stabilise with Probiotics 

You may use probiotics to balance your gut, but have you ever tried them to balance your skin? When used in acne skincare solutions like Lamelle Skin Essence Clear, they act as helpful micro-organisms. Ask the medical aesthetic team at Skin Renewal about the power of probiotic lysates (found in this product). Their dedicated function is to restore the workings of the skin for a healthy pH. And once a happy balance is regained, the skin understands how much sebum (oil) it needs to produce to be healthy. Added to the mix are ingredients to help tame inflammation, give the skin a gentle exfoliation and soothe irritation. The result of including probiotics in your skincare routine? A smoother skin texture, fewer spots and blackheads and reduced redness. 

Control with Alpha-Hydroxy 

While not a new concept in skincare, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are a gold standard active ingredient in treating acne skin conditions. There are many types of AHAs – from lactic (milk) to glycolic (sugar cane) acids, all sourced from nature. Even fruit acids! How do they work in skincare? By helping to superficially exfoliate the skin, ridding it of dead skin cells that could block pores. This is important because blocked pores can contain bacteria and eventually lead to pimples. They also help refine pores. If you’re struggling with enlarged pores – a common issue for those battling acne – adding an AHA targeted treatment product to your product mix could be a saver. Chat through your options with a Skin Renewal expert; suffering with spots in certain areas or experiencing occasional breakouts? A focused gel or skin product may do the trick, something like Neostrata Targeted Clarifying Gel, that’s rich in AHAs. 

Clarify with Clay

Not all skincare masks are created equal – it’s important to seek out the correct one based on your skin’s condition. High-quality clays are beneficial for those with oily skins (and therefore more prone to acne), as they help absorb excess oil. Look for ingredients such as kaolin and bentonite – you’ll find them both in Skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Mask. Apart from helping to clear your complexion gently, these clays soak up any unwanted sebum meaning overly shiny skin needn’t plague you any longer. With a mix of fruit acids (remember what we told you about AHAs?), you’ll receive an exfoliation to help sweep out skin impurities for decongested pores. Hello, clean and clear skin. 

Ultimately, acne needs an active approach; while a mark or scar from a bad pimple may eventually fade, some reports indicate it may take as long as 12 months or longer to disappear entirely for the mark of an acne blemish. Preventing breakouts and avoiding scratching is better than any cure for scarring, and that starts with happy, healthy skin. 

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