From Salon to Sofa - What does Post-Treatment Care Look Like?

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You've booked your rejuvenating skin treatment and can already feel the burst of new collagen doing amazing things to your skin. Hit pause for a minute; while you're getting ready for beautiful results, take a second to think of a solid product lineup. And it may be different from the one you're already on. Those skincare helpers you smooth day and night are well suited to your skin's condition and concerns, but what happens when you're actively treating your skin? And post-treatment? Some tried and tested topicals help you reap even more rewards. 

Take a new-age needling therapy like the Secret RF Fractional Microneedling; a combo of microneedling and radiofrequency energy is incredible for skin that needs deep treatment and collagen creation. And who doesn't want more targeted skin solutions so issues like pigmentation, sun damage, scarring and even rosacea can be honed in on? However, even safe (and suitable for all skin types) treatments like the Secret need backup. And that comes in the form of clever care products that'll help shore up your skin once your procedure is done.

Why Ingredients Matter

The world of skincare can be overwhelming at times, especially with long ingredient names that sound important but don't explain their benefits for your skin. Let's get straight to the point. A barrier repair cream is crucial for skin that needs healing, even if you don't feel particularly sensitive. It helps maintain your complexion, preventing further irritation and dryness. Emollients like lanolin are the heroes here. Remember, understanding the ingredients is key. The right ones, like Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream packed with lanolin, can mimic your skin's natural oils, providing incredible hydration that lasts for up to two days.

Your Cleanser Matters Too (Yes, Really!) 

Nothing skin stripping (read too drying or astringent) should hit your skin post-treatment. And if you have reactive or sensitive skin, that goes for your everyday product line, too. Cleansers that leave your face feeling tight are a no-go, and after a more profound treatment, reaching for a gentle facial wash with skin-loving antiseptic and non-irritating benefits means calm rewards. Find these in SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser thanks to the orange oil and emollients in the formula. 

Get (Even More) Sunscreen Smart

You've heard the story about sunscreen repeatedly, but post-treatment sunscreen can do more than you know. Yes, it protects sensitive skin, but if you're experiencing some redness, a tinted option like Heliocare 360 Color Gel Oil-Free SPF 50 is a wise buy. You're guarding skin with full-spectrum UV protection and dosing it with antioxidants to help boost repair, as Vitamins C and E are known to nourish and hydrate skin. Clever, right?

Glow Up Your Skincare Stash

After undergoing treatments like new-age microneedling, there are certain products that perfectly complement your skincare routine. They work in harmony with the conditions you're treating, such as pore size, discolouration, and dullness. They also address any after-effects like dehydration and sensitivity. Introducing Neostrata Enlighten 15% Vitamin C and PHA Serum, a game-changer loaded with antioxidants. It keeps your skin healthy and balanced and tackles ageing and dullness. Use it after cleansing and before applying SPF for optimal results.

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