Perfect Profile of a Greek Goddess!

Perfect Profile of a Greek Goddess!

I have a penchant for a beautiful chin and neckline. An elegant profile, resembling a Greek Goddess sculpted in marble is my idea of perfection. Unfortunately Mother Nature did not bestow perfection on mere mortals indiscriminately.

Gaining or losing weight during your lifetime doesn’t help that perfect jawline, instead of going back to its original shape after weight loss; one is often presented with an extra chin that refuses to budge.

A younger person with a double chin probably has more fat than extra skin in the chin area, in older people however it is usually a combination of loose skin and fat. Fortunately at Skin Renewal there are various treatments and combinations that will reduce fat cells and tighten one’s skin. The younger you are, the better the long term results will be, and most of us, male or female, young or old, would try any alternative before considering surgery.

Every person considering treatment is individually assessed by a Medical Doctor and the appropriate treatment, best suited to your individual needs and goals, is recommended. I much prefer this to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The desired outcome would be to decrease the fat under the skin and to help skin contract and appear tighter, whether it is a double chin, sagging jowls or flabby cheeks, or in fact any sagging skin on the body.


As one age, the oxygen levels in our skin drop and it becomes more prone to ageing, decreases the ability of cells to regenerate and skin slowly loses its elasticity and collagen, causing the sagging of the jawline.

During carboxytherapy treatments, tiny amounts of medical grade carbon dioxide are injected to various depths beneath the skin to break down fatty deposits and stimulate collagen production. The body interprets the increased levels of carbon dioxide as an oxygen deficiency and responds by increasing blood flow to that particular area. This surge of oxygen and nutrients improves circulation and growth factor delivery, which in turn stimulates skin to regenerate itself. Long term collagen is stimulated with more regular sheets of collagen being laid down and dermal remodeling occurs with collagen contraction, leading to a tightening effect, which then improves the appearance of neck and skin. Carboxytherapy is then combined, during a course of treatments with either 3D Skin Rejuvenation™, Titan, Tripollar™ or Velashape™ to enhance the results according to your needs.

Titan® Skin Tightening

In contrast to carboxytherapy, Titan® skin tightening treatment gently heats up the collagen in the deep dermal layer of the skin. This results in a tightening and lifting effect that makes a visible difference and restores the youthful contours of the face. By starting this treatment in your thirties, it will allow your skin to maintain a tighter appearance as you age. The earlier you start the longer the treatments will last, keeping you wrinkle-free for much longer. It is a two pronged attack; one works superficially and the other deep down in the skin to restore a more youthful look.


Whereas carboxytherapy works superficially and Titan works deep down, Mesotherapy, also known as Lipodissolve™, works in the middle layer of the skin and is delivered either by micro injections or by transdermal therapy, whereby nutrients are delivered to the middle layer of skin. Different nutrients are delivered according to your skin’s needs and the results will differ accordingly. For anti-ageing therapy a combination of growth factors, peptides, amino acids, etc. are used for best results.


Velashape combines infrared and radiofrequency to heat the dermal and hypodermal tissue to reduce the actual size of the fat cells whilst stimulating production of new collagen to tighten sagging skin, especially around the jaw and neck area.

Velashape stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen, the major support structure for the skin and it also reduces the fat content of the skin.

Anybody over the age of 30 should consider prevention rather than surgery as it will result in healthier skin, with less sagging as they age. This could mean that sixty becomes the new forty and a good skin and youthful appearance is only appreciated by those of us who have gone way past thirty!

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