New product launch:

New product launch:

Lamelle Research Laboratories introduces Correctives Hydrating HA PLUS.

Correctives Hydrating HA Serum was the very first product in the industry to use HAFi fragments.

HAFi stands for Intermediate Hyaluronic Acid fragment which is a very specific length HA segment or chain.

Only HAFi

• Are able to penetrate into the epidermis and dermis.

• Can attract and bind water into the epidermis and dermis.

• Can stimulate keratinocyte and fibroblasts to produce additional Hyaluronic acid.

• Increase keratinocyte and fibroblast proliferation (increase the number of cells)

• Can assist in wound healing be encouraging the movement of new keratinocytes across the surface of an injury.

Clients with a need for:

• Dry skin support

• Thinned, aged skin,

• After professional treatments to assist epidermis remodelling.

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