Festive season excuses

Festive season excuses

I’ve just heard the best excuse ever for overindulgence and weight gain during the festive season! Apparently if you don’t get enough sleep the body’s metabolism isn’t working at peak performance and the fat cells don’t process insulin properly, hence the weight gain…well, that’s going to be my story from now on and I will stick to it.

You see, it had nothing to do with all the parties, indulgence in forbidden food, lack of exercise and all those other things that you would not allow yourself to even contemplate during the year. Especially that yummy hazelnut ice cream that really went down well when you got home very ‘early’ in the morning and a slight hangover had already started settling in behind the eyes…

In spite of whatever story you stick to, the absolute truth is that you are what you eat, and if that’s what you did (and I most certainly did), then your body will tell the world that you have enjoyed your holiday. Which is all very well, but after the first few days of being nut brown and extremely visible, you have to start doing something about those extra few kilo’s that came back with you from your holiday.

i-Lipo Laser Treatment

That’s not all! Once you have achieved your goal weight, there are always little pockets and bumps that just won’t go away. You can exercise and do what you like, they just love you too much! The best way to reduce them is with i-Lipo laser lipolysis treatments, which are also referred to as cold laser. The light targets the fat cells where you want to get rid of it and this causes a chemical reaction inside the cell that converts the triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which can then pass through the pores in the cell wall and be excreted through the body’s lymphatic system. I particularly like this treatment as it only ‘empties’ the fat cells and they remain undamaged for the future. Liposuction removes the cells and the only thing that happens is that you gain more weight, where you really did not expect weight gain to appear (i.e. in the arms, or knee area). The after effects of liposuction can look really unnatural and even ugly… and ugly is not an option!

Coccon Cryolipo Fat Freezing Treatment

Cryolipo fat freezing is also indicated to help with those resistant bulges of fat, so the choice is yours as both the i-Lipo and Cryolipo treatments are good options to reshape and sculpt your body to perfection.

This procedure freezes the fat cells into crystalline form, over an hour long treatment, which causes the fat cell to be destroyed. Then the body slowly metabolises the fat away over a period of 6-12 weeks. Areas such as love handles, muffin tops, bra bulges, saddle bags or fatty knees can be treated successfully. The cost of treatment is affordable, but depends on the size of the area being treated, but the results are well worth it. You may need more than one treatment and it can be repeated every 45 days, or as needed. It is important to note that this treatment is not for treating obesity, but, but mainly to help sculpt those difficult areas.

So you see, it’s not as bad as you thought! There are trained experts at Skin and Body Renewal that, together with your positive mind-set and determination, can help you lose the holiday overindulgence evidence and get your body back to its beautiful original state!

Change is good

In the 1950’s women’s magazines contained articles about being a good wife and good housekeeping and the miracles of the washing machine and many other myths and mysteries that are now no longer valid. There were no diet plans or exercise regimes or the latest woman who made top job in a man’s world. Phew, difficult to believe that when you compare with what we read today.

The adverts are all about skin rejuvenation and how to stay young, and articles are on how to get to the top job and how to keep the weight down. What hasn’t changed is the latest in fashion and what you should be wearing this season. Change is inevitable, change is good, but some things do not change. Well, that’s a contradiction if ever I have heard one.

So no matter how much things change or stay the same, women always want to look beautiful, attractive and ageless. When we slap on our war paint in the morning and get into the power suit, we are there to do a job, but no way do we want to look unattractive.

Unfortunately as the chronological years pass, there are little gifts from Father Time (surely Mother Nature won’t be that cruel) that we really don’t appreciate. We read ‘keeping young’ articles with a lot more than passing interest and investigate beauty counters and their little miracles more thoroughly.

We are promised a skin transformation in a few days or weeks, and I’m sure there are lots of bottles in your cupboard that have not lived up to its promise, but this is where you have to find the best professionals that can truly offer good advice and treatment. At Skin Renewal clinics they have a whole range of treatments and beauty regimes that have been tried and tested and can be trusted. For instance, a problem like enlarged pores can be treated in various ways. There are different types of peels and treatments that can be done. All of these have the added benefit that the other skin problems like superficial wrinkles, brown spots etc, will be treated at the same time.


Let me explain a bit more. Enlarged pores tend to become more prominent as we age, because sun damage, decreased collagen production and skin thickening all contribute. In addition, one’s natural skin oil, dirt and bacteria accumulate in the pores and if not cleaned thoroughly can contribute to enlarged pores.

3D Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Renewal’s signature treatment, the 3D Skin Rejuvenation procedure, involves an effective non ablative solution and involves combining three clinical applications which are Titan, Limelight and Laser Genesis with Microdermabrasion and Transdermal Mesotherapy. All these big words basically mean that the skin is cleaned and treated thoroughly, scientifically and with proven methods. There is no social downtime afterwards, but skin looks and feels younger, smoother and those pores diminish in diameter.

Alternatively peels are recommended to assist with enlarged pores such as the Extraction Peel which is a combination of a salicylic acid peel with gentle steaming and extractions to improve congested skin, which is essential for treating pores.

The Lamelle range of beta hydroxy acid peels renew skin by lifting dead cells off the surface of the skin and stimulating the metabolism of cells underneath. Although a visible difference will be noticeable after the first treatment, a series of four to six treatments is recommended and will substantially improve the appearance of pores, fine lines and uneven pigmentation, and skin will appear smoother, softer and more radiant. Even acne scars become less noticeable, and acne breakouts may be reduced. Clean skin offers less opportunity for infection, which could reduce acne eruptions.

There is no downtime afterwards, and these peels are suitable for people of all ages as well as all skin types. The only provision is that you have to stay out of the sun whenever possible, and in addition use a SPF30+ sunscreen to ensure that your beautiful new skin stays protected and looking younger. Because skin is protected from UV radiation, pollution and environmental nasty’s, it remains younger looking for longer.

Whatever your problem, come and discuss them with the professional staff at Skin Renewal and a potential solution will be available. It’s a relaxing time and more importantly, hugely beneficial for your skin and ego. There is instant gratification in that you can see the difference in your skin!

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