The almond eye, fox eye & cat eye procedure

The almond eye, fox eye & cat eye procedure

The ribbon… the bow… the apple… These are just a few of the shapes women request when relying on dermal filler to enhance their lips' look. However, you can also change the shape of your eyes thanks to injectable treatments and threads. 

Thanks to feline-eyed social media stars like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, more and more women desire non-invasive, non-permanent solutions to more attractive-looking eyes. And now, at Skin Renewal, we're offering three of them – the almond eye, fox eye and cat eye procedure! 

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The almond eye

Also known as the oval eye or doe eye, people who've got this look have a natural upward lift at their eyes' outer corners. Because of this lift, the lower eyelid appears somewhat longer than the upper eyelid, creating more "open" eyes. 

To create the look, we inject a tiny amount of muscle-relaxing botulinum toxin into the centre of the lower lash line to target the orbicularis oculi muscle. It creates a wide-eyed effect. We also weaken the upper outer orbicularis muscle (the muscle around the eye) in a way that allows the forehead muscle to gently lift the outer brow, creating a subtle upturned look.

To achieve the desired effect, you might require 2 to 3 sessions. (It's always best to make small incremental changes when treating such a delicate area.) 

The fox eye 

Want to look a little foxier? By lifting the outer corners of your eyes in a way that pulls them slightly outwards and upwards, it will help you do exactly that. To get the look at Skin Renewal, we rely on medical-grade dissolvable threads that can be inserted over your lunchbreak after applying a little topical anaesthetic. 

If you're one of our younger patients, the chances are that all you'll need are threads to lift and elongate the eyelids as well as lift the tail of your brow. However, more mature patients are candidates for a foxy eye too. If there's excess skin on the upper eyelid, we'll first tighten that up with a series of quick Jett Plasma treatments and can perform a brow lift threads in a way that lifts the outside corner of your eyes 

Depending on your skin condition and how many treatment modalities need to be performed to get the result you're after, you can expect to have around 4 to 5 treatments to achieve the fox eye look. 

The cat eye look 

Ah, the classic cat eye! You can achieve this look in two ways. The first involves going undergoing a surgery known as a canthoplasty to lengthen or elongate the eye opening. It can serve up pretty dramatic results but also involves a lot of risks. However, at Skin Renewal, we can help you get the look without having to go anywhere near a knife. In fact, our cat eye solution only involves the use of threads. 

While a canthoplasty alters the lateral canthus (the outside corner where the eyelids meet) by tightening and elongating the eye horizontally, a cat eye thread lift only requires a few threads to be inserted along the side of the eye. These start at the outer edge of the eyebrow and are angled slightly diagonally upwards. The skin is then pulled over the thread, causing eyelids to pull outward and elongating the eye without the need to cut or stitch.

A cat eye thread lift generally only requires just one session to perfect the look. Then, you can ensure your new eye shape is for keeps with a little yearly maintenance. 

Now tell us, which of these flattering eye-shapes has caught YOUR eye?

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