Introducing Dermaspring™ Threads

If you thought dermal fillers and botulinum injections made you look great, and if you were excited at the prospect of the new suspension sutures that lift and revitalise….then get ready to be blown away by the new Dermaspring elastic spring-shaped PDO threads that have been added to the 4D package at Skin Renewal clinics.

These coiled threads stimulate more collagen than normal PDO threads, especially where there is a lot of facial movement such as the eye and mouth area. Dermaspring Eye threads will improve dark circles and under-eye bags as well as minimise the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles.


What sets Dermaspring threads apart from monofilament PDO threads?

Dermaspring is a high quality, spring shaped and elastic PDO thread that is inserted below the skin to give superior rejuvenation. These threads can be stretched and pulled down, while the elasticity of the thread remains intact. This novel concept allows for older skin to maintain its youthful appearance and behave like younger, more elastic skin.

This elastic characteristic is especially effective in those areas where there is a lot of facial movement, for example smiling or squinting.

dermaspring 2

There are two types of Dermaspring threads:

  • Dermaspring 28 G (see picture above) are longer and can be inserted in the upper and lower cheek area. Because they are coiled and have an elastic quality, they can be used for those deep lines around the nose and mouth area
  • The Dermaspring Eye threads are smaller and can be inserted in a fan-like pattern into the top and bottom eyelid area to lift and firm a crepey eyelid or eye bag problem.

Which facial areas can be treated?


Why use Dermaspring threads?

  • These threads are coiled, thus you will be getting 3 x more thread inserted per area to help with overall skin rejuvenation

threading skin rejuvenation

  • More collagen production will be stimulated as there is more thread in contact with the dermal tissue.
  • The Dermaspring holds skin in place and merges the epidermis with the dermal tissue to create a firmer and smoother appearance.
  • Increased collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production is the goal in all skin rejuvenation procedures because ultimately, that is what keeps our complexions looking younger.
  • The coiled threads will allow more movement than the single monofilament threads simply because the coils have more ‘give’ than a straight monofilament thread.
  • Spring threads maintain their elasticity and shape when inserted under the skin.
  • These threads can be combined with " barbed" PDO threads to give a superior lift

Featured treatment: Dermaspring Eye Rejuvenation

New Dermaspring Eye threads will reduce sagging around the eye and stimulate more collagen than normal PDO threads. Wrinkles, dark circles and under eye bags can be improved with minimal bruising and downtime.

Make an appointment with one of our competent Skin Renewal doctors for a 4D skin rejuvenation assessment.

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