New! Magic Needle Mesolift!

New! Magic Needle Mesolift!

Do not stop smiling! Yes, smiling eventually causes lines and wrinkles, but help is at hand. Dermal fillers can treat deep static lines, but now, the new Magic Needle Mesolift ™ technique at Skin Renewal will also take care of those small wrinkles that appear in areas where one cannot use filler and no amount of cream seems to help.

Besides, having taken care of that little problem, you will have all the more reason to smile!

Where do you use the Magic Needle Mesolift Treatment?

Dermal fillers treat volume loss and are used to plump up areas where there are deeper static lines mainly caused by repetitive facial movement – like smiling, frowning, squinting in the sun, etc.

However, those vague little lines that appear on our face and neck as we lose volume over the years cannot be effectively treated with normal fillers. It probably wouldn’t look natural and getting to each one of these lines would really blow your budget, never mind the bruising!

Problem areas that now can be safely and successfully treated:

sunken cheeks wrinkles

  • Crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles
  • Upper cheeks and ‘accordion lines’ on cheeks

accordian lines wrinkles

Crepey neck wrinkles

This is where the Magic Needle Mesolift would help to smooth out skin, resulting in a younger and fresher appearance instantly!

What are accordion lines?

They are numerous perpendicular lines that stubbornly remain on your lower cheek area and outer sides of the mouth, even when you are not smiling.

These lines are the result of repeated muscle movement, especially smiling, which become more permanent over time and is caused by ageing, gravity, sun damage and pollution that affect facial volume and skin elasticity.

What is a magic needle/cannula?

Skin Renewal now offers this ‘Magic needle’, an innovative, flexible cannula which can be safely used for volumising the face and neck without bruising and minimal swelling. It can also be used to reach larger and difficult to treat areas as defined above.

How is the Magic Needle Treatment done?

These problem areas are normally spread out and usually, a fairly large area needs to be treated.

By using dermal filler and diluting it with an equal amount of a growth factors cocktail, it can be injected into the skin via a specialised blunt cannula. We call this our magic needle. This Mesolift procedure has the following benefits for you:

  • There is much more product to inject as this combined filler plus cocktail goes a far way.
  • It is evenly fanned out into the skin with the cannula and looks more natural.
  • This combination can be massaged into place quite easily and gives an instant "plumped up" result.
  • It's a much safer procedure than simply injecting the Mesolift cocktail with a needle as no vessels can be infiltrated with the blunt cannula/magic needle.
  • There is no bruising or downtime with this procedure as no vessels can be damaged.
  • Not only does the filler do its amazing job, but the added growth factor cocktail stimulates one’s skin to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid over the next three month period. This will strengthen and improve the skin naturally.
  • The end result will be an entire treated area looking more youthful and fresh, rather than just one "filled" wrinkle or line.

Older skin needs more nutrition and the growth factor cocktail provides this as well as stimulation to rejuvenate itself. It is a painless treatment and can safely reach multiple areas of the face with immediate visible results with no pain or bruising.

- View a demonstration of the technique in this video: New - Magic Needle Mesolift video!

What can I expect after the Magic Needle Mesolift treatment?

  • No bruising, no pain and much safer than using a sharp needle.
  • Most importantly, it smoothes out wrinkles instantly while subtly restoring facial volume. In addition, it revitalises and assists in strengthening the skin.
  • You can expect to look younger and fresher and over time, your skin will respond by naturally building more collagen and increasing elastin. This will retain its healthy glow for months.
  • The Magic Needle Technique can be used successfully on its own, but is also a great treatment that can be combined with Botox®, peels, lasers and Carboxytherapy.
  • All very good reasons to keep on smiling.

What is the cost?

The price of the cannula plus the growth factor cocktail costs an extra R850, which is added onto the filler chosen for the treatment. Prices of fillers range from R3 050 to R3 850.

Call your nearest Skin Renewal branch to book your treatment today!

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