Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis ®

After the holidays, many of us have found that our favourite dresses have suddenly shrunk! They are either uncomfortably tight or we are unable to do up the zip. Not exactly how we would like to start the New Year, but there we are. Succumbing to temptation and overindulging slightly, and now we are stuck with extra kilogrammes and a guilty conscience.

No problem! If you immediately start off on a Body Renewal Diet course and the new Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis® treatment, your shape can be back to sexy and gorgeous very soon.

What is Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis?

It is a new fat lipolysis (breaking down of fat) treatment for areas where there are resistant pockets of fat that do not respond to dieting or other weight loss methods.

The Ceccarelli solution, containing vitamin C and iron, uses the body’s metabolism by acting on the fat cells, causing natural fat cell destruction. The result is a reduction in those unwanted bulges and is most often used to reduce fat around the hips, tummy, upper thighs, love handles and saddle bags.

It works well as a stand-alone treatment for external fat but combined with the Body Renewal program which will reduce internal fat, you have a winning combination for weight reduction and re-sculpting the body as both treatments target resistant fat.

Ceccarelli can also be combined with other body therapies such as Velashape™, Exilis™, Titania™ and Cryo Fat Freezing™.

What is the Renewal Institute Diet?

The Renewal Institute Diet (RID) consists of a medical weight loss program which uses the hCG hormone to treat the cause of obesity, viz resistance to Leptin. Leptin is the hormone that keeps us thin. At Body Renewal we only use Bioidentical HCG which has been compounded in a STERILE laboratory. The Body Renewal diet is a safe and effective way of losing abnormal weight and fat and it has been tried and tested for more than three decades. In short, the Body Renewal program really works!

What is resistant fat?

Some people will experience problems in areas that just won't respond to consistent and regular exercise or weight reduction diets. To get rid of these resistant fat pockets, one needs a slightly different approach and the Ceccarelli treatment will do the trick.

A word of caution though, fat lipolysis is not a substitute for dieting and should only be used once you are close to or have attained your goal weight and is only used on localised problem areas where you need a more slimline shape.

After the treatment, you should maintain your weight to prevent those lumps from reappearing!

Why should you consider the Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis treatment?

  • The revolutionary new Ceccarelli fat dissolving treatment results are superior to other similar treatments such as PC/ Deoxycholate Lipodissolve.
  • Only one to three treatments are needed, whereas the other treatments would require six to eight treatments.
  • These treatments are scripted and administered by the experienced and qualified Body Renewal doctors.
  • Treatments with Ceccarelli are safe as it uses a physiological solution of vitamin C and iron; the only contraindication is if you are allergic to either of these two compounds.
  • No nasty side effects and only minimal swelling is expected after treatment compared to PC/ Deoxycholate Lipodissolve which causes massive swelling. You will see results after a day with the Ceccarelli treatment and this will improve over the next two weeks.

Visit the Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis® treatment webpage for more information!

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