Corporate Social Investment 2015

At Skin Renewal we believe that we form part of a larger interdependent cosmos, from which we take and to whom we give on a daily basis.We believe we have certain responsibilities within this interdependent world that we live and operate in.We acknowledge that we have been and are continuously blessed with success as an organisation and as individuals.As such, we dedicate one day of the year to give back in the spirit of gratitude.

The business serves this cause by supporting the fundraising strategy in a variety of practical ways, by sacrificing the income of the day in order to release manpower the chosen organisation, by facilitating and providing resources for the individual fundraising efforts and by making a monetary contribution to the project.

As individuals, we give back by raising money and other contributions to the benefit of the chosen organisation, and by serving the organisation on the day with our time, labour and efforts.

Every year it awards us with the opportunity to give back, but it also gives us the opportunity to all get together, to have fun and to get to know one another on a different level.As such, the charity day is an invaluable part of our culture and it strengthens our team relationships and team spirit.



Skin, Body & Health Renewal Gauteng are celebrating National Recycling Week 14-20 September by picking litter and planting trees at the James & Ethel Grey Park in Melrose on Sunday 20 September. We are all responsible for keeping our communities clean! Read more about our plans and how you can get involved: Spring Clean-Up Day - James & Ethel Grey Park

Western Cape

Skin, Body & Health Renewal Western Cape selected a non-profit organisation called Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre (NPO-090-162), based near Melkbos in the Western Cape.The Centre receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations, support and goodwill from the public and corporate organisations.The Western Cape staff members decided to jump in and contribute by cleaning and revamping the Kids Play Park Area, establishing a functioning nursery, planting hedging, general maintenance and of course play, feed and assist with some of the animals on the premises. Read more about our plans and how you can get involved: Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre


Skin, Body & Health Renewal KwaZulu-Natal selected the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre, a non-profit organisation situated in Glenwood, KwaZulu-Natal.They currently have the responsibility of meeting the day-to-day needs of 82 children and young people who live in their children’s home and rehabilitation centre.In addition they offer support to approximately 1 100 children and youth in child headed and vulnerable households through their Isibindi Outreach project. Read more about our plans and how you can get involved: Durban Child and Youth Care Centre.

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