More skin than necessary

More skin than necessary

Hopefully by now you have shed those extra kilos that suddenly appeared after Christmas and caused your little black number to sit too tight! If you are over the age of 35 years, you might now face another little problem – instead of the excess weight, you are now battling with an extra bit of skin! You managed to be a dress size or two smaller and despite hours of exercise there are those persistent bulges that will not disappear.

A possible explanation for this is that some fat cells have a predominance of beta receptors and others have a dominance of alpha receptors. Beta receptors are very receptive to the presence of adrenaline which is produced by exercise and the unwanted bulges will diminish with regular exercise. But when adrenaline attaches to alpha receptors, fat breakdown slows down and tends to accumulate more. This is especially true around the hips, tummy and upper thighs. If you have followed the Body Renewal Diet weight loss program, this is less likely to happen, but for those unwanted bulges, there are some other solutions as well.


Accent is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation and tightening procedure that treats two layers of skin at the same time through a method called Dual-Layer Thermotherapy. It is used in treating sagging or ageing skin, as well as cellulite and offers results which are more noticeable than other procedures. Accent improves the skin’s surface texture and promotes the body’s natural collagen production which gives the skin a better firmness and elasticity. Subcutaneous fat from the waist down is treated and there is instant gratification as results are immediately visible.

It is an excellent treatment option for most people who are looking for a non-invasive treatment for ageing skin and 8-12 treatments sessions are spaced two weeks apart for best results. It can also be used on the upper body or face as well and is a better option than surgery or liposuction which carries a much higher risk factor.

Accent can be done as stand-alone therapy, or a combination of treatments such as 3 D Body Renewal are packaged together at a discounted rate at Body and Skin Renewal clinics.

A combination of Accent with Lipodissolve, Lipomassage, Carboxytherapy and Ultrashape treatments will ensure that when it’s time for Easter and your last fling on the beach, you will be able to discard that sarong and show the world your gorgeous new shape.

Tripollar™ Tripollar™ is another effective treatment that treats cellulite and resistant fat at the root of the problem by heating the fat cells under the skin and this increases metabolism and secretion of liquid fat. The result is two fold in that as fat is excreted, the fat cells shrink in size and return to more normal size, while at the same time the production of new collagen and elastin fibres are promoted.

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