Hairy affair!

Hairy affair!

We all have people through the ages that we consider a great inventor or personality. In my books, the person that invented the laser could not have foreseen that eventually he would be a real hero to all women. Lasers are used in so many industries, with so many applications, and far from being James Bond’s secret weapon, it has become the secret of beauty and rejuvenation for people all over the world as it has given us the ’wow’ factor to remain gorgeous for so much longer.

Thanks, Mr Laser Inventor, I salute you, without your help the human species would have had a lot less help to fight ageing. Well, not only ageing, because getting rid of unwanted hair and veins are not really age- associated and can be done for all. Whereas a few years ago we could pluck, wax or shave; now we have this amazing laser therapy that makes a razor obsolete in our bathroom cabinets and not a moment too soon.

Winter months are the best time to do laser hair and vein removal as you need to steer clear of the sun during this time. So start now for a hair-and vein free summer!

Coolglide Excel Laser™

There are so many advantages to this laser that it has been approved by the FDA to permanently reduce hair in all skin types (I-VI), light or dark, tanned or not and even those suffering from ingrown hairs. The CoolGlide laser was nominated as the most diverse hair removal laser for dark skin types as well as being nominated best for vein removal, hence technologically it is an advanced product that can be used with confidence and safety all year round.

ProWave™ Laser

This laser has a large treatment area, fast repetition and can treat large areas such as the legs and back. This can be achieved in about four to six treatments. It emits infrared light above 770nm, which is recognised as the most versatile wavelength for hair removal. This output spectrum can be tailored to each person’s individual needs. In fact, in 2007 it was nominated as the best IPL technology for hair removal.

How Does it Work?

We have lots of hair follicles that are either in an active or resting phase (they are not all at the same level of activity). Only active hairs can be removed because they will have mature pigment at the follicle bulb, which is the target for the infra-red light. During subsequent treatments, other hair follicles will be active, which can then be removed, in this way; all unwanted hair can be targeted over a period of time. You will need between three to ten treatments to get rid of all your unwanted hair, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Facial hair is traditionally very difficult to treat as it is hormone dependent and hair removal sessions should be one month apart. White or light hairs are the most difficult to remove, they may require additional treatments and the bad news is, grey hair cannot be treated, however there are alternatives available for grey hair.

Although treatment is a bit uncomfortable and could sting momentarily, it is generally mild and tolerable. Cold air and iced gel packs are used to minimise the discomfort and a topical anaesthetic can be used if desired. Good news for the ladies is that make-up can be applied immediately after treatment so nobody will even know where you have spent your lunch hour!

Hair can be removed from most parts of the body, such as the face, nose, ears as well as the chest or tummy, arms and legs, as well as the back and buttocks area.

Spider Vein Removal

Nobody likes these little spider veins that appear on the face and body, and previously these little problems were treated unsuccessfully using electrolysis. Since the advent of lasers, this has changed and a few treatments can solve this problem as well. In addition, those little red spots, called Cherry Agiomas, which tend to appear with age, can also be treated with a quick laser treatment.

Often, patients find that one treatment is sufficient for their vein removal needs. However, for optimal results, multiple treatments may be necessary to maintain the results as new veins may appear. If a vein disappears completely after treatment, it should not return.

From my side, a big thank you to my hero, the Laser Inventor, it feels freeing not to have to think about hairy and blue legs anymore!

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