Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Collagen 101

When we’re young our skin has an abundance of collagen and elastin, the proteins that give it it’s youthful-looking elasticity. This natural supply starts to diminish as we age, so the secret to plush, more wrinkle-resistant face is to invest in treatments that focus on increasing your natural collagen stash. A good way to think of it is to be like a squirrel, collecting nuts while the sun is still shining so that you don’t go hungry in the winter.

Wondering why you couldn’t rather just start increasing your skin’s collagen collection at the point when it starts to run out? While you’re never too late to make an improvement, you’ll get better results if you start earlier. This is due to the ‘catch 22’ which is the fact that collagen-encouraging treatments spark the collagen that exists to multiply. The more collagen you have, the more you can create.

Let’s go turbo!

At Skin Renewal, we offer a huge selection of collagen-encouraging treatments to suit every skin type, age and condition as well as your budget. Our years of experience has taught us that the best way to tackle most concerns is via not just one treatment, but several that enhance each other’s effects. This is why we’ve bundled our treatments into solutions packages to target various concerns via our 3D approach in a way that’s most effective as well as great value for money.

For example, our Skin Tightening & Anti-Ageing Solutions packages are very focused on collagen creation. Our Standard Solution includes a Laser Genesis treatment that heats up the deeper layers of your skin in a way that triggers collagen production as well as a glycolic peel that will reveal a smoother, brighter-looking complexion while also contributing to collagen synthesis.

Another way to do it? You could consider our Advanced Solution. It makes use of several premature ageing prevention-focused treatments including a Laser Genesis treatment plus carboxytherapy. The latter involves using a tiny needle to inject CO2 gas beneath the surface of your skin where it boosts circulation and sparks new collagen.

Inject to protect

Another of the most wonderfully effective ways to do a little that stacks up to a lot later on down the line is via injectable treatments like botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.

Botulinum toxin treatments like Botox or Dysport injections are magic bullets when it comes to preventing wrinkles. They temporarily inhibit muscle movement, stopping the constant motions that become etched on your face as a wrinkle once you skin thins over time due to the loss of collagen. At Skin Renewal, our doctors are highly trained and very experienced injectors that know exactly how to make you look younger, fresher and more relaxed – never frozen!

As far as a loss of volume and lines that develop in the lower half of the face go, this is where dermal fillers shine. While they can instantly plump up marionette lines and smooth out the even finer ones that start to occur around your lips, they also have merit over time as, wherever they’re injected, they encourage the skin to produce more of its own natural collagen. It’s win-win!

More people are starting to understand the value in preventative injectable procedures and are starting them as earlier as their late twenties. They’ve come to realise that investing in more non-invasive preventative measures sooner rather than later could mean never wanting to resort to something drastic like a surgical facelift.

The bottom line

The best way to delay unnecessary ageing is via preventative treatments started sooner rather than later. If you make an appointment to see one of the doctors at Skin Renewal today, they can create a customised treatment plan focused on increasing your collagen supply and using injectable treatments like botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. This way, you can stave off the need for a much more invasive procedure later on.

Ultimately, we can help you look and feel like the very best version of yourself for as long as possible. Because nobody does you better than YOU.

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