The Magic of Micro-injuries

The Magic of Micro-injuries

Is it challenging to imagine injuring your skin to rejuvenate it? Purposefully hurting to heal sounds like things are back to front! And, how on earth can the skin look even better after it's been deliberately harmed? First, understand the difference between actual skin trauma versus controlled micro-injuries. The former means medical and surgical procedures and will produce real wounds that often require stitches and downtime to heal. However, micro-injuries are very restrained way as to be non-invasive. They are more prick-like actions as opposed to skin cuts and therefore aren't nearly as traumatic. And the magic lies in their ability to harness the body's natural healing powers. Interested? Read on. 

The Treatment 

What type of treatment uses micro-injuries for skin rejuvenation? A popular and effective procedure is skin needling or micro-needling, and for that, Dermapen takes the concept to an even more active and results-driven level. While this particular treatment isn't entering the skin trauma realm, it does allow the skin expert (a Skin Renewal therapist or aesthetic medical doctor) to tailor the needling to your exact needs. In other words, Dermapen gives more controlled therapy for consistent results. You also need your micro-needling to be able to access those areas that need treatment but are notoriously hard to reach. Are your nose and eyes constantly being neglected? The needle adjustments of Dermapen get into these sensitive and tricky spots for successful rejuvenation. 

The Benefits

So now you know why micro-needling isn't harmful (quite the opposite) and which treatment to choose. But what is happening underneath your skin surface? As the skin receives multiple pinpricks, so micro-injuries signal repair. It means your skin gets a message that it now has to go into "mend mode", increasing collagen production. For you, this helps with refining pore size, reducing the look of acne scars and lessening fine lines for an all-over smoother skin texture. The micro-injury process also helps with the skin's health by creating a better absorption route for your homecare products. Micro-channels are created in the skin. These help transport the active ingredients in your products (like hydration and antioxidant actives), allowing them to work more effectively, especially after a treatment. 

The Results 

Micro-needling can help with many skin conditions, especially ageing concerns. From smokers lines to wrinkles and skin tightening, advise your Skin Renewal aesthetic doctor about your areas of concern and how best to treat them. Remember, a non-invasive procedure like Dermapen can perform full-face skin rejuvenation. And with adjusting the depth of the needling can reap multiple rewards. Got pigmentation and fine lines? A more shallow treatment in the epidermis (upper layer of skin) for pigmented areas with deeper pinprick responses (to stimulate collagen) as therapy for fine lines could be your tailored solution. And produce beautiful results! 

Ultimately, controlled micro-injuries create curative care. Switch on your skin's healing process and see how it benefits from the skill of micro-needling. From scar treatment to youth-boosting renewal, we're ready when you are!  

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