Endymed Intensif vs Morpheus8

Endymed Intensif vs Morpheus8

In our ongoing commitment at Skin Renewal to providing you with the most advanced skincare solutions, we are excited to explore the technological advancements in Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatments. Today, we focus on a comparative analysis of the non-insulated needles of EndyMed Intensif and the insulated needles of Morpheus8, which are transforming skincare practices and outcomes.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Results: EndyMed Intensif

EndyMed Intensif is distinguished by its use of non-insulated needles that deliver RF (Radiofrequency) energy along the entire length of the needle. This unique feature allows for:

  • Higher Volumetric Heating: This technique generates more collagen remodelling by heating both the upper and lower layers of the skin, resulting in visibly tighter and smoother skin.
  • Even and Thorough Heating: Results in less bleeding and trauma, ensuring a faster recovery.
  • Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation: Effectively treats a wide range of skin concerns, from wrinkles and scars to enlarged pores and even Rosacea.

Superior Depth and Consistency in Heating

Thanks to the patented 3DEEP RF technology, EndyMed offers deeper, more controlled penetration into the dermal layers, a capability not matched by the fractional bipolar RF technology used in Morpheus8. This deeper penetration of Endymed Intensif does not require active cooling of the skin surface, enhancing both the safety and comfort of the treatment process.

Clinically Proven and Safe

EndyMed Intensif isn't just about promises; it's about proven results. With over a decade of clinical studies, this system has demonstrated its efficacy and safety, ensuring you receive a treatment you can trust.

Why Choose EndyMed Intensif?

Opting for EndyMed Intensif means selecting a treatment that offers deeper and more effective rejuvenation and a safer and more comfortable patient experience. Its comprehensive approach to skin heating stands out significantly from the more limited capabilities of insulated needle systems like Morpheus8.

Comparative Insights: Bipolar Morpheus8 Technology

Morpheus8 utilises insulated needles that deliver energy only at the tip, primarily targeting deeper dermal layers but sparing the epidermis. While this method is beneficial for targeted deep tissue treatments, it might not be as effective for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, especially for conditions involving the superficial layers of the skin, such as Rosacea.

Multipolar EndyMed 3DEEP Technology: A Deeper Dive

Unlike the bipolar approach, EndyMed’s multipolar RF 3 DEEP configuration ensures:

  • Deeper and More Uniform Heating: This configuration allows for a more significant stimulation of the dermis and subdermal layers crucial for effective collagen remodeling.
  • Controlled Energy Distribution: Ensures a precise thermal effect tailored to specific skin conditions without excessive surface heat, enhancing comfort and minimizing risks.
  • Enhanced Collagen Remodeling and Safety: It promotes natural collagen renewal more efficiently and safely, achieving firmer, smoother skin with noticeable reductions in wrinkles and fine lines.

Why Choose Multipolar EndyMed 3DEEP?

Choosing this technology over bipolar systems like Morpheus8 means opting for:

  • Broader and More Intense Treatments: Ideal for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, including significantly sagging skin, deeper wrinkles, pores and texture
  • Higher Efficiency and Effectiveness: Achieves more pronounced results in fewer sessions, focusing on deeper skin layers.
  • Greater Comfort and Safety: Ensures a safer patient experience with less risk of surface skin damage.

Thank you for trusting Skin Renewal with your skincare journey. We are here to answer any questions and guide you towards the best treatment options for achieving your desired results.

Take the first step towards transforming your skin by consulting with our trained aesthetic doctors to experience the next level of skin rejuvenation with EndyMed Intensif, a superior choice for comprehensive, effective and safe skincare

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