4D PDO Threads for Jowl and Neck lifting

4D PDO Threads for Jowl and Neck lifting

By the time we pass the forty-year mark, a reality check sets in, and we note that we don’t look as young as we feel anymore. This is especially true when we pull back the facial skin to smooth out those little lines and wrinkles and desperately wish that the taught skin will remain in place. Oh yes, I know you’ve tried it!

Unfortunately ‘wishing and hoping’ has no effect; hence one can resort to those miracle workers at your Skin Renewal Clinic. Their miracle is in the form of the new 4D PDO™ threads. These amazing little threads will do wonders for any sagging skin. This is the way to go when you are not ready for any dramatic intervention such as surgery yet.

What are 4D PDO threads?

The first-generation Polydioxanone (PDO) threads were smooth and placed in the treatment area to affect a lift.

Then, the bi-directional barbs were introduced, which gave faster and better results and allowed for additional ‘lift’.

  • The new 4D PDO threads are designed with 4-dimensional barbs.
  • This means that when they are inserted into the tissue, they will have more grip to lift up the sagging skin, thus creating a ‘hook-and-lift’ effect.
  • They are thicker than the conventional barbed threads, meaning there is more collagen and elastin stimulation around the treatment area.
  • With more natural collagen and elastin production, the result is a younger-looking, smoother skin where the threads have been placed.
  • The 4D threads are inserted through a cannula, which makes the treatment safer and minimises bruising and downtime after the procedure.

Why should I consider this treatment for the neck and jowl area?

This is the area of our face that shows signs of ageing first. Of course, we all want to stay younger-looking for longer.

Minimising the sagging in the neck and jowl area ensures smoother-looking skin, giving us the confidence that we are still looking young and fabulous.

What are the benefits of the 4D PDO treatment?

Surgery and lifting procedures are expensive, and many of us feel that the sagging skin in the neck and jowl area does not warrant drastic measures yet.

  • Prevention is always better than cure, so the 4D PDO thread treatment can be done as preventative therapy to slow down the ageing process.
  • This type of treatment is more affordable and can be done as the budget allows.
  • Treatment can be done immediately after consultation with the doctor so there is no time wasted.
  • The most important benefit is that there is no downtime for this procedure and it can be done in about half an hour.
  • We all want to slow down the ageing clock, this is a low risk, high benefit option!

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