The right light at the right time

The right light at the right time

Recent phototherapy (light therapy) research using visible blue and red light has proven effective in the treatment of mild to moderate acne. Clearance rates have exceeded over 60% in a number of studies, indicating the effectiveness of this treatment. If combined with a glycolic or a beta hydroxy acid peel, improved clearance rates for acne can be expected.

If blue light is combined with a red light, stubborn and severe cases of acne can be treated with significantly fewer side effects and most importantly, no downtime or pain . This is a great advantage for acne sufferers. Recent research has shown that blue light therapy works by destroying the bacteria responsible for causing acne. Red light penetrates more deeply into tissue, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Consequently, substances are then released that induce fibroblasts and growth factors. This is a positive aspect for sufferers to consider if they have a tendency to scar. Combination phototherapy works through the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature of blue and red light. However, only by delivering the right wavelengths in proper sequence can optimum results be seen.

In a recent study of combination blue/red light phototherapy a marked improvement in lesion counts after the final treatment was seen. There was a noticeable improvement up to 12 weeks after the final treatment session. After a series of eight sessions of alternate blue/red phototherapy (twice weekly treatments) over a four-week period, there was an average reduction of over 80% in acne counts compared to baseline, as well as a marked reduction in sebum production.

Delivering the right wavelength at the right time is crucial and the combination wavelength approach offers an effective and durable treatment that has proven helpful for moderate inflammatory acne. More importantly, blue/red combination therapy offers an option for difficult-to-treat acne cases that have failed through conventional treatments.

PDT/LED therapy uses a combination of pure visible Blue, Red and Yellow light to stimulate the deeper skin tissue.

Apart form treating acne and depending on the wavelength, PDT/LED therapy can also be used for

  • PDT/LED Skin rejuvenation with a combination of red and yellow light can treat photo aged skin leading to a softening of fine lines and improved skin tone and smoothness •PDT/LED Red therapy can be used post dermal filler procedure to improve the swelling and bruising that can occur post treatment (complimentary at Skin Renewal after Liquid Facelift and lip rejuvenation )
  • PDT/LED can also be used for improved wound healing before fractionated ablative laser resurfacing such as our newly introduced Pearl Fractional and Pearl Fusion .
  • PDT/LED Red phototherapy therapy can be used post deeper peels such as Mela T , Mela M and the Yellow peel to reduce inflammation and improve healing. In fact it can be used post any peel to improve skin rejuvenation and redness.
  • PDT/LED Red phototherapy can be used for rosacea / redness and eczema to reduce inflammation. A series of treatments is necessary
  • For more severe cases of acne not responding to medical treatment or failure after Roaccutane, PDT/ ALA offers new hope for acne sufferers.
  • PDT/LED Red phototherapy can be used post most skin rejuvenation treatments especially our 3 D Skin Rejuvenation to enhance results
  • For all of the above, a series of 6 to 8 treatments is needed for optimum results
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