Why IV Infusions are such incredible Health Boosters

Why IV Infusions are such incredible Health Boosters

Remember that time you asked your book club or running club or dinner club – you get the drift – what boosted them after an illness or new job or newborn twins (again, you get our drift)? Everybody probably had their go-to. We take advice so easily from our friends. But being a friend doesn't mean having all the answers, especially regarding sound health advice. So keep loving your tribe, but when you need that essential health boost, off to the doctor you go. 

IV Infusions 101

The skilled Skin Renewal medical team specialise in functional and integrative medicine. This means they critically understand the need to treat the root cause of illness, diseases, or conditions that combines conventional medicine with wellness practices. One way to boost your health is with IV Infusions tailored to your individual needs. These intravenous vitamin therapies are a cocktail of minerals and anti-oxidants (dependent on what's being treated). So why go this route over, say your supplements alone? When you dose your body with a potent IV infusion – if you and your healthcare practitioner feel it's time to power things up - the nutraceuticals are released straight into your bloodstream. This means they bypass the gut. So any absorption issues amount to zero. 

Finding Your IV Match

Ask your body what it needs right now? Perhaps it's screaming for a boost in health and help with protection against viral illness? Speak to your Skin Renewal medical doctor about the Anti-Viral Infusion Cocktail – even with the forth wave behind us; this system supporter is an incredible weapon if you're feeling those first signs of colds or flu. And if stress – especially prolonged stress – is weighing you down, look to an IV infusion as part of your therapy. Weakened defences can mean illness and extreme tiredness, so help your body cope with nutraceuticals like B-Vitamins, magnesium and Vitamin C all blended into the Chronic Stress Infusion Cocktail. There are many other IV boosters to help turn the quality of your life around, like the Healthy Heart Infusion Cocktail. And even some just to lift you after too many glasses of MCC – hello Hangover Recovery Infusion Cocktail! Working with our healthcare specialists means you know what's prescribed is right for your wellbeing. 

Time to show your system some more support? Give it a real advantage for a body that's happy, healthy and well this year with the help of our Skin Renewal health team. Here's to you! 

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