Melasma: It's true – men can suffer from it too

Melasma: It's true – men can suffer from it too

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition typically aggravated by sun exposure. This is why, if you're prone to it, you should never set foot outside without a high protection factor sunscreen. Golfers, runners, tennis players – we're talking to you!

However, there are various types of hyperpigmentation, and one of them is melasma, it's the kind driven by your hormones. While women have the highest susceptibility to melasma, a proportion of men are also prone. Happily, Skin Renewal has decades of experience treating all types of hyperpigmentation, including melasma, in both sexes. Still, in any case, your best plan of action starts with seeing one of our doctors who can identify the type. 

Know your type

Most of the hyperpigmentation we see in men results from the sun. Avoiding it is vital. Another such cause, particularly for those with darker skin, is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). If you've ever experienced a skin 'injury' (be it a nasty pimple or an ingrown hair that became inflamed) and noticed it left a dark mark in its wake, it's probably not a scar, but PIH.

Then there's melasma – hormonally-driven hyperpigmentation. We typically see this type of hyperpigmentation in women due to pregnancy, hormonal therapy, and oral contraception. However, many men have a hormonal imbalance without even realising it, and the result can be melasma. According to various studies, it's thought that the presence of subtle testicular resistance is a driving factor. Also, certain medications that affect your hormones (such as finasteride, taken to decrease hair loss) might increase the risk of melasma in men. 

How to treat melasma in men  

Melasma in men is underreported mainly due to many attempting to treat the skin condition with ineffective over the counter products (or not at all). Instead, please consult a doctor or dermatologist who can diagnose and treat it. Also, you have to remember that topical treatments can help improve the look of the dark marks, but if you're not treating the root cause, which usually involves balancing your hormones, it will keep coming back. 

As far as in-office treatments go, at Skin Renewal, we typically treat melasma in men using our Melasma & Deep Pigmentation Solutions. These include laser treatments and chemicals peels that deliver fantastic results, such as our incredibly popular MesoBrite™ treatment.

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Lastly, we'll help you create an effective homecare routine using medical-grade skincare products clinically proven to make a visible, sometimes life-changing difference. 

To find out what's causing your hyperpigmentation – and the best way to treat it – make an appointment to chat with one of the doctors at Skin Renewal so we can help you put your best face forward. 

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