Health Supplements for the Holidays

Health Supplements for the Holidays

The festive season is always a busy time of year. Mingled in with all the joy, and sunshine you can also expect a good dose of stress as we struggle to wrap up our workload. No to mention dealing with extra financial pressure and, in a worst-case scenario, get-togethers with the family. One's that essentially drive you mad.

Fortunately, you can help your body and mind cope with all the “extra” by relying on well-formulated supplements to fortify you. Especially for those busy weeks that lie ahead. Here are just a few supplements that can help you ensure your holidays are healthier and happier.

The burnout preventors

Is it the most wonderful time of the year or the most stressful? The jury is undecided! But, if you’re taking strain, it’s a good idea to take something like

Medford L-Theanine. An amino acid naturally derived from green tea, L-Theanine can increase your brain’s alpha waves that are responsible for relaxed wakefulness. In short, you get to feel serene, not sleepy. (It’s the kind of thing you’ll want to pop just before your least favourite relative walks through the door!)

Speaking of sleep, that’s one of the first things to suffer when you’re under stress yet, ironically, getting enough of it is one of the best things you can do to protect our mental and physical health. If you feel like you’re not getting enough deep, restorative sleep, invest in Renewal Institute GABA. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a calming nootropic that can also increase your brain’s calming alpha waves. Taking it before bedtime may help you enjoy a better quality of sleep as well as improve your mood.

The skin protectors

A South African holiday season is always a sunny affair, and most of us take advantage of the great weather by spending more time outdoors. While it’s wonderful to feel the sun on our skin, we do need to be extremely vigilant about sun protection. Applying sunscreen is always our first line of defence, but you can also protect your skin from the inside out with a supplement like

Heliocare 360. It enhances your skin’s resistance to the sun, protecting it from UVA, UVB, high energy visible light as well as infrared radiation. Better yet, it contains a potent natural antioxidant, Fernblock, to help fend off damaging free-radicals and repair your DNA.

Another fantastic summer supplement is Lamelle Ovelle D3. It contains Pycnogenol, (a potent antioxidant derived from pine bark) and vitamin D3 to improve your skin’s natural sun resistance and reduce the risk of pigmentation. Better it, it can also help preserve your skin’s collagen and boost its hydrating hyaluronic acid content.

Unprotected sun exposure aside, another potential holiday-ruiner is a stress-induced breakout. Fortunately, Renewal Institute Acne Aid 2 in 1 may help you get the upper hand. It contains natural antimicrobial ingredients to help blitz the bacteria that causes pimples as well as those that are anti-inflammatory. The latter is vital because acne thrives in skin that’s inflamed, one of the many consequences of stress. In short, it can help end the vicious cycle and help you enjoy clearer-looking skin.

The overindulgence correctors

If you’re one of the many who tends to overindulge in good food and a little too much alcohol over the silly season, take a pre-emptive strike with

Health Renewal Liver S Plus. Its herbal formula enhances the production of your body’s very own detox machine, your liver. Protective milk thistle and dandelion rev up its toxin-eliminating prowess while alpha-lipoic acid and acetylcysteine help your body create more waste-eliminating glutathione.

If you struggle with heartburn, it could be a sign your stomach lining is taking strain. In this case, consider Medford Barlean’s Platinum Stomach Repair. It contains natural ingredients to help thicken your stomach’s protective lining, reduce harmful bacteria and absorb any toxins in your tummy.

The bottom line

The holidays can put strain on your body and mind, but there are many supplements you can take to help you batten down the hatches. If you’re unsure about which ones would suit you best, or want a personal supplement “prescription”, chat to any of the integrative doctors at

Health Renewal. They’ll be able to help you get exactly what you need to ensure you survive the festive season feeling merry and bright.

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