Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

It is easier to hide a broken rib, provided you move carefully, than to hide a skin condition that you find very embarrassing!

In fact, you will get more sympathy for your pain and suffering than when you have eczema or something similar. Who said life was fair! You can use many creams, concealers or even long sleeves to disguise some skin disorders and you will probably be more aware of them than anybody else. Unfortunately these situations tend to lower your self-confidence.

Various Skin Conditions


Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition which causes facial redness and is most common in adults with fair skin. The cause is unknown, but is most likely as a result of hereditary and environmental factors. What is known though is that spicy food and alcohol can aggravate it, and sunlight, saunas and heavy exercise can cause a blush that is not cute at all.

For some people it occurs in cycles and for others it may just flare up for a period of time but it is unlikely to disappear of its own accord and could progressively get worse over time.

Signs and symptoms include redness, burning, red bumps and small cysts as well as facial flushing. Imagine looking like a teenager blushing or having a hot menopausal flush for most of the day and you will get the picture! While it cannot be cured, it can be controlled with proper treatment.


Psoriasis also has a strong hereditary component and is a recurring, immune-modulated inflammatory disease that occurs in Caucasian adults around their late twenties. Its appearance is marked by rough, dry, dead skin that forms thick scales which continually shed. There are various forms of this disease but the patches of dry skin or inflamed areas are the most recognisable feature.

Dry Skin

Ordinary dry skin (xerosis) usually isn't serious, but can be uncomfortable and unsightly; turning plump cells into shrivelled ones and creating fine lines and wrinkles. It is more likely to have been caused by environmental factors and more likely to be controllable.

  • Hypothyroidism can cause rough, dry skin as a result of decreased activity in the sweat and oil glands.
  • Alcohol, drugs and smoking can visibly dry out your skin and give it a dull lifeless appearance.
  • Loss of skin elasticity is the first sign of dehydration, so make sure you drink six to eight glasses of water per day to ensure that your body and skin remain hydrated.
  • Ageing and sun damage will cause dry skin because there is increased water loss from the skin and decreased activity of the sebaceous glands. In fact, your skin gets about ten percent drier every decade!

Perioral dermatitis is a facial rash that causes bumps to develop around the mouth, but may also appear round the eyes, nose or forehead and looks a lot like rosacea. Treatment is systemic and topical once the problem has been identified.

Holistic Treatment at Skin Renewal

All these skin conditions can be treated symptomatically, but at Skin Renewal the doctors address the internal and external causes to achieve longer term success.

When managing rosacea and eczema they would consider potential gut issues such as low stomach acid, ‘leaky gut’ syndrome, stress and liver detoxification. They believe that it should be viewed as more than just a cosmetic issue and seen as an opportunity to improve overall health and quality of life.

  • Low stomach acid is associated with rosacea, acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Many rosacea sufferers have SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) which is partly due to low stomach acid.
  • Stress and vitamin deficiencies could contribute to a skin condition.
  • Incorrect skin care products can cause or exacerbate certain skin conditions.

Specific skin therapy for rosacea that has had great results include Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) which uses light therapy to reduce the inflammation and improve the skin texture while laser therapy such as Limelight™ and Photo Genesis™ will improve the redness.

Usually combinations of these topical treatments, a diet that excludes potential triggers that will exacerbate the problem, and the correct medication or supplements have shown great success for those suffering from various embarrassing skin conditions.

Topical products:

Lamelle Serra range can also assist in the treating this condition. It is important to use a gentle cleanser when washing the face as to avoid drying out the skin. Avoid washing in hot temperature water and avoid hot saunas, steam baths, bubble baths and perfumed massage products. Avoid exfoliating massages, loofahs, facials and aromatherapy oils. You need to alter your skin care regimen with the seasons. In drier climates, moisturise more frequently or use a hydrating serum. To combat dryness in older women who are not on HRT, topical oestrogen creams and soy containing products are also an option.

Oral supplements

Pycnogenol and Evening Primrose oil found in Ovelle improve eczema, sensitivity and redness. Pycnogenol is a powerful anti-oxidant which protects collagen, raises the skin's resistance to the sun and protects against free radicals and infra red rays which causes accelerated skin ageing and pigmentation.

There are numerous other supplements that are very beneficial in treating the signs and sypmtoms of rasacea and excema including; probotics, digestive enzymes, milk thisle etc.This can be discussed in detail with you Doctor!

Intravenous Infusions: (by prescription) contain vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and Phospholipids, which help detoxify the liver, heal the arteries and the brain as well as strengthen and brighten skin by bypassing a "leaky gut".

So, now that you know there are many treatment options available for sensitive , red, rosacea prone skin, please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with one of our skin renewal doctors in order to tailor make a treatment plan specifically for you.

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