Graceful ageing is a choice

Graceful ageing is a choice

Multiple aspects contribute to overall well-being, and while staying healthy on the inside reflects on the outside, damage done at a younger, more careless age, or even just the natural ageing process, may kick in much sooner than we’d like.

The area most commonly affected by ageing is the eyes. You might also experience volume loss, sagging skin or a double chin. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to improve the areas that first give away your age.

Eye Rejuvenation Due to repetitive motion over the years, wrinkles are eventually formed around the eye area. Botulinum injections (such as Botox ® & Dysport ®) show great results in treating crow’s feet around the eyes and are also used to soften lines on the forehead as well as the angry-looking ‘11’ lines that form between the eyebrows.

Dark circles under the eyes get progressively worse as we age, due to volume loss and thinning skin. Fillers injected under the eyes plumps the area, which in turn hides the dark circles, instantly lifting a tired appearance.

You could also consider Jett Plasma. The device emits a voltage that triggers the creation of new collagen that can result in the lift of droopy-looking upper eyelids.

Volume Loss

Volume loss is one of the most significant contributors to facial ageing. Loss of plumpness around the cheek area creates hollow cheekbones that lead to a gaunt look and also contributes to sagging and hanging jowls. It can affect your eyes too, leading to a hollowing effect around the eyes.

Dermal fillers are a great solution to restore volume to these areas, plumping up areas that have lost fat pads and filling in wrinkles and lines. By replacing volume in the areas where the fat pads have atrophied, we can again plump and lift the skin tissue, thereby reversing the appearance of sagging and drooping.

Fillers are also typically used to plump up lips and hollows under the eyes as well as fill in deep lines like the naso labial folds and marionette lines on either side of your mouth.

Sagging Skin

To treat skin that has started to sag, multiple PDO threads are injected deep underneath the surface of the skin, using different lengths of thin acupuncture needles.

The threads are placed strategically, guided by the natural tension lines of the skin. Once placed, these threads act as a scaffold, which results in tightening up loose and sagging skin. It also creates a frame for new collagen to attach to, which ultimately creates a vector of collagen, showing effects similar to a surgical facelift.

Double Chin / Flabby Jowls

Age is indeed a factor in the appearance of a double chin or flabby jowls, but this can also be a problem for younger patients if it’s caused by excess fat, loose skin or a combination of the two.

Effective solutions to treat the chin and jowl areas include non-surgical treatments like Silhouette Soft® suspension sutures, carboxytherapy and radio frequency therapy/laser treatments like Titan, VelaShape, Titania, Accent, and Exilis Elite.

If you’d like to age with grace, contact your nearest branch of the Renewal Institute to find out more about treatments that subtly defy the natural ageing process.

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