November promotion

November promotion

Introducing the Serra range from Lamelle – Formulated for dry skin.

Dry skin is one of the most common complaints seen in professional skin care facilities. Often this dryness is also accompanied by the concern of skin sensitivity. More recently, studies have suggested that failure of the epidermal barrier is the primary trigger for a cascade of events that ultimately lead to skin dryness and sensitivity. A condition referred to as Atopic Dermatitis.

Recognising that epidermal barrier dysfunction is the initiating event, Lamelle Research Laboratories together with its research colleagues have developed a new innovative lipid replacement therapy that exactly mimics the structure and function of the natural lipid bilayer of the epidermis. This new patented therapy serves as the backbone for the new innovative Serra skin care range.

Combining the patented Ceramide-P with new anti-inflammatory peptides and dexpanthenol, Serra moisturisers assist to relieve the debilitating condition of skin dryness or sensitivity and even assist in Atopic Dermatitis. Clinical studies in both adults and children have shown significant improvements in signs and symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis when Ceramide-P has been used regularly.

To make prescribing the new Serra range easier and more accurate, Lamelle Research Laboratories has developed a new Serra Scoring Chart. By answering nine simple questions, a sufferrer can be prescribed the correct Serra moisturiser. After prolonged use, the clinically proven benefits of this new innovation only from Lamelle Research Laboratories will be experienced.

The Serra range is now available at all Skin and Body Renewal branches.

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