Glow from within

Glow from within

Feed your face

If you’re wanting to ensure you’re getting the best nutrition for your body and your face, chat to one of the doctors at the Renewal Institute. They’ll be able to take a full assessment of your health, your diet and your skin before creating a custom eating plan supported by supplements. For example, did you know that those dealing with acne should avoid inflammatory foods like gluten?

Generally speaking, the nutrients that will work the hardest to help support your skin include vitamins A, B1 (biotin) C, E; the minerals selenium and zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics that can help heal your gut. Much of our health actually begins in the gut and if you’re suffering from a gastric issue, be it something like dysbiosis or chronic inflammation from eating foods to which you’re sensitive, there’s a good chance you’ll see the symptoms on your face. More often than not, when our patients heal their gut, conditions like eczema and psoriasis dramatically improve or disappear entirely.

Say no to sugar

There are a lot of things you can consume that will contribute to premature ageing. Alcohol is a biggie. So are processed foods and products full of hydrogenated fats. But did you know that sugar is one of the worst?

Glycation is a process that sees the sugar you ingest bind with the collagen and elastin in your body to create something called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These once healthy proteins that are so essential to your skin’s elasticity then become brittle, stiff and disordered. Worse yet, once collagen has glycated, its ability to replicate becomes dramatically impaired and the end result is sagging and wrinkles.

This is why, if you’re wanting to look as youthful as possible for longer, it’s a good idea to limit or cut your sugar intake. This is just one of many reasons why our most popular medical weight loss programme, the Renewal Institute Diet (RID), is 100-percent sugar-free. Thanks to doctor-administered hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injections, our patients don’t experience any cravings and are able to beat their sugar addiction and lose weight while enjoying the added bonus of a more radiant-looking skin.

Extra protection

The sun is the biggest external factor when it comes to ageing and damaging our skin. While sunscreen is a fantastic defence, certain nutrients boost your skin's natural sun protection factor and one of them is Pycnogenol.

A super antioxidant made from pine bark, you’ll find Pycnogenol in Lamelle Ovelle 3D along with vitamin D3. When Pycnogenol is ingested, it breaks down into several incredibly effective antioxidants that protect your skin’s collagen supply and improve hydration via increasing your skin’s hyaluronic acid content. The real plus point, however, is that increases your skin’s natural resistance to the damaging effects of the sun. If you suffer from pigmentation, Pycnogenol is a must. Studies have shown that women who took two capsules of Ovelle 3D for 28 days, on average, saw a 37-percent lightening of their pigmentation.

Another amazing supplement for sun protection is Heliocare Ultra oral capsules. It contains a tropical fern extract, Polypodium leucotomos, another botanical scientifically proven to increase your resistance to UV radiation. Better yet, it includes antioxidant vitamins C and E!

The bottom line

Taking good care of yourself is a holistic journey. If you eat a balanced diet and supplement where necessary, you’ll get to enjoy better health that goes hand in hand with younger-looking skin.

If you’re wanting to prevent premature ageing or dramatically diminish the signs that exist, make an appointment to see one of your doctors. They can assist you in making dietary and lifestyle changes, suggest the right supplements and even perform in-office skin rejuvenation treatments. It’s our 3D approach to health and beauty that ensures our patients glow with vitality. So call us today, and we can help you take great care of your skin - from the inside out!

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