Eyes to fall in love with!

Eyes to fall in love with!

Very few women and men can afford the luxury of taking time off work for cosmetic surgery, yet most would do anything to improve their looks, especially if the tell tale signs of crow’s feet and eye bags have made their appearance.

Puffy eye bags and crow’s feet

The delicate skin below the eyes is thin and it does not contain the same amount of oil glands like the rest of the body. It is therefore one of the first areas of the face to show age-related changes. The skin around the eye gets dry and the padding over the orbital bone reduced, causing the skin of the lower eyelid being pressed on the orbital bone and excess skin being formed. This results in the appearance of prominent eye bags and the development of crow’s feet. These changes are a constant reminder of the speed at which we age and can dampen an otherwise youthful appearance.

Non surgical treatment options

Previously there were no effective, non surgical treatments for the management of ageing around the eyes, apart from eye creams that offered minimal improvement. Today, however, specific treatments are available at Skin Renewal centres that powerfully re-model the area and improve elasticity and collagen strength around the eye area. While there are many alternatives for eye rejuvenation offered at Skin Renewal, Restylane –a dermal filler- is a treatment that can provide one with non surgical solutions to crow’s feet and under eye bags showing instant results and lasts up to 24 months

Restylane eye rejuvenation is a new technique by which the hollow tear through is filled with hyaluronic acid. This will plump up the skin under the eye and allows light to be reflected, thus improving the crow’s feet appearance and eye bag effect. This tear trough rejuvenation contours the lower eyelids in a safe and minimally invasive way and brings back a youthful volume. There is hardly any pain involved during the procedure.

No more surgery

Traditionally, the only option to rejuvenate the eye area was eye lift surgery to remove excess skin and fatty bags. The new trend today is not to surgically remove too much fat around the eye area the as this can lead to a “hollowing” of the eyes a few years down the line. With the advent of novel non surgical treatments such as Restylane, most women and men can enjoy tightening around the eye area.

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