From the Founders Desk December 2022

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As we look back over the past year, we do so with immense gratitude, underpinned by both a sense of accomplishment for what’s been and excitement for what’s to come. 

While recent times have not been without challenges, we’re proud that – as individuals and as a business – we’ve not only met these challenges with relentless optimism but risen to them with innovative resilience. 

If we had to choose one word to describe the past 12 months, it would be GROWTH. We marked the end of 2021 with the opening of our 18th Skin Renewal Branch, Waterfall, and mark the end of this year with the opening of our 19th branch, Century City. For us, it’s always about more than growing our nationwide presence; it’s about growing the people we work with and come to work for, transforming the lives that walk through our doors and cross our paths, and investing in the country we’re proud to call ‘home’. Despite what many people may think when faced with the challenges being experienced in South Africa in recent times, we are 100% committed to a country with the most potential and friendliest and most hospitable people in the world, and we continue to be proudly South African.

We are grateful not only for the amazing 10 000 patients we see every month but also for the incredible doctors, managers, therapists, nurses and back-office staff that have chosen Skin Renewal to be a part of their lives. Without their dedication, loyalty and incredibly hard work, we would be nowhere. It is a privilege for us to be able to continue to provide for them and their families.

We owe the continued growth of the Skin Renewal brand to our collective ability to adapt and evolve…

Earlier this year, we revamped our Brooklyn, Irene, Fourways and Willowbridge branches. We’re in the final stages of planning to move and upgrade our Claremont branch, which will include full generation capacity, guaranteeing uninterrupted skincare, whatever the current load-shedding schedule. Our Western Cape regional office will also relocate and be incorporated into the new Claremont branch. Further negotiations are currently underway to expand our branch network in Gauteng, and we hope to finalise these plans early in the new year. 

We remain committed – and passionate about – doing what we can, with what we have, from where we are… 

We have a heart for empowering and uplifting women, which is why our Komani campaign to end period poverty has been one of our most successful CSI campaigns to date. In a true group effort, we have not only raised funds needed to purchase over 2,600 reusable sanitary pads distributed to women in need but ensured that these women receive education as part of the handover. Our ongoing investment in the Western Cape Streetscapes project continues to deliver meaningful dividends, as does our involvement in the Kliptown Renewal project in Gauteng. 

In a post-COVID world, human connection is more important – and appreciated – than ever before…

For two years, we were deprived of human connection, affirmation, engagement and touch, the very things we at Skin Renewal built our business on. So, as we navigate the post-COVID world together, with a newfound appreciation and soul-deep respect for the privilege that it is to engage with each other in person, you can take comfort in knowing that we regard your presence in our spaces as a privilege. We take your business personally. 

Because COVID through the lens of ‘The Zoom Effect’ eroded the essence of you, we’re re-focusing our marketing lens… on YOU. 

Yes, YOU, in bold capital letters, because without you, we are just addresses, buildings, and a domain name registration. Over the past few months, we’ve consciously and deliberately shifted our marketing from marketing to marketing FOR YOU. So, as we wrap up 2022 and head into 2023, you can rest assured we’re as focused on building a long-term relationship with you as ever. 

We’re all about YOU and what we can do for YOU. 

On that note, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed, happy, restful, and safe festive season, and we look forward to seeing you in person and face to face in the new year.  

Yours in gratitude & growth,

Dr Maureen Allem and Victor Synders

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