10 Steps to Great Skin!

10 Steps to Great Skin!

A great looking skin is a long-term investment and cannot be found in any quick-fix treatment, no matter how advanced and expensive the jar of miracle moisturiser is.

Your beauty regime should be as habitual as brushing your teeth, should consist of daily TLC and should become a way of life.

It’s only when you get to the wrong side of forty and people gasp in amazement at how great you look versus your actual age that you will appreciate the effort you put into skincare over the years!

10 Steps to a Great Skin

1. De-stress your Life

Stabilise your life and reduce stress levels where possible. Find something that relaxes you. Make time for a relaxing massage and don’t worry about the small irritations of life.

2. Small Effort, Big Reward

Find simple ways to keep your skin healthy every day, each effort will add up to a better looking skin in the long term. As an example, keep some hydration mist handy during the heat of summer or put on a face-mask just before your shower so you can rinse it off whilst in the shower.

3. Have a Professional Facial Regularly

Salon treatments are great because your therapist can address any specific problems she may notice during your treatment.

It is recommended to have an anti-ageing facial with peptides every four to six weeks, the forced relaxation will be great for reducing stress levels as well.

Early prevention also works wonders! If you start noticing tiny wrinkles, consult one of our doctors who will use small amounts of Botox® or filler to prevent further skin deterioration and lessen the use of large quantities as you age.

4. Drink your Skin Superheroes

Hydration is the key to a younger-looking skin. Drink lots of filtered water to ensure your skin is properly hydrated and add some lemon- or aloe vera juice to add more skin-saving nutrients.

5. Play Catch-Up

It’s not always possible to get eight hours of sleep which will soon show in your skin. Make time to catch up, always remember that during sleep your body releases growth hormone which stimulates cell turnover, keeping skin looking clearer and younger. Not only your skin, but your body, brain and general health will also improve.

6. Exercise

Exercise is good for everything! It increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, as well as your brain and gives you more energy, increases blood flow, strengthens bones and keeps your body functioning better. A great way to de-stress as well!

7. Mother your Skin

Sun damage causes 80% of photo-ageing and only 20% is considered hereditary. Even worse is the fact that skin damage is mainly done by the age of twenty!

Use sun-protection all the time and not only when you are going out into the sun. This applies to you and your family.

8. Embrace Oil

Skin Renewal carries an essential oil range that will heal and balance your skin. The secret is that these oils nourish and treat e.g. oily skin by helping cells to function optimally so they do not over-produce oil and cause skin problems.

9. Do a Chemical Detox

Over time, toxins build up in the body and can compromise your health. Just doing a water or juice cleanse could leave you feeling tired and listless.

10. Use Less, Love More

You don’t need a cupboard full of creams and lotions or to try every new fad on the market.

A simple, effective skin regime is all you need. Embrace the GRASS root principles into your regimen. Most radical cosmeceutical rages have the following:

G = Growth Factors and Peptides

R = Retinoid

A = Anti-oxidant

S = Sunscreen

S = Speciality product for pigmentation, acne, rosacea, etcetera.

Invest in a few good quality active products / serums mentioned above, that can work in synergy to provide you with optimal skin care.

Exfoliate twice a week to ensure your moisturiser can be absorbed by your skin and choose a moisturiser high in retinol, hyaluronic acid and peptides to help prevent premature ageing.

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