Hands Do The Talking

Hands Do The Talking

If your eyes are the windows of your soul, your hands are the biggest tattle tales ever. They work hard and you can’t do without them, but if you don’ take care of your hands, they will most certainly tell the world about it.

We carefully put sun protection and expensive rejuvenation creams on our faces, but forget about frequent hand protection and then can’t understand why age spots and brown marks start appearing on your hands. Your hands are in the sun more often than you are – even while driving your hands are on the wheel and exposed to the sun. Then I am not even talking about washing dishes, helping kids, helping customers or co-workers, loving your partner and everything else that needs to be done by hand.

Various hand treatments at Skin Renewal clinics are available, and these can be done in addition to your regular facial and body treatments.

Cutera Limelight™

To help you undo the sins of your past, which your hands are telling the world about, there is the Limelight therapy which is a quick and easy treatment that will leave your hands smooth and clear. The light treatment concentrates on the melanin in the brown spot, and after each treatment the pigmented area will rise to the surface and flake off. When the light is delivered, there is a mild stinging sensation and following that the spot will darken and within 2-3 weeks this will flake off and fade.


Acutip is for brown spots and discolouration on the hands as well as face. It has a small tip and allows pinpoint treatment without compromising safety, but the advantage is that it treats only the pigmented area, and not the surrounding tissue, whereas with liquid nitrogen the entire area is frozen and this will form a blister before it starts healing, and with Acutip the spot will darken and flake off over a few weeks. The cooled tip is ideally sized for treating age spots on the hands, as well as the face and legs.

For both the Limelight and Acutip treatment it is true that the same spots won’t reappear, however new spots could appear after sun exposure to unprotected skin, which can then also be removed. I would recommend that you use a sunscreen as part of your daily routine to both minimise sun damage as well as preventing the appearance of new spots.

If there are many sun spots present, and especially if they are precancerous lesions also known as Acitinic Keratoses, a superior treatment PDT/ALA is recommended as this destroys the cancerous cells.

Lamelle’s Luminesce Range

The Luminesce range has hand rejuvenation treatments that can be combined with in office therapies that will treat the problem of ageing hands. The professional team at Skin Renewal clinics will assess each person and an appropriate combination solution will be recommended according to your needs.

Luminesce has 4 innovative peptides that will dramatically reduce the appearance of pigmentation within 8 weeks and works b blocking numerous pathways in the skin that produce pigmentation. It is suitable for all skin types and when combined with in office therapy will have a smoother, blemish free result.


Part of the treatment recommended may include injectable fillers that will add volume and plump up the skin on the back of your hands as the ageing process also makes the hands appear bonier. The hyaluronic acid in Juvederm attracts water and rehydrates the skin for about a year.

In total the treatments recommended won’t take very long and can be done in the time it will take you to have your lunch. So I’ve got a terrific idea; why don’t you go to Skin Renewal during lunch next week, because hand treatment and rejuvenation treatment takes less than an hour and you should do it before you’ve been in the sun again, which, like a normal South African, will be as soon as the cold weather starts easing up.

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