Instantly plumper-looking skin? It's possible!

Instantly plumper-looking skin? It's possible!

Many people have dry skin. It's mostly dictated by your genetics and is considered a skin type. Dehydrated skin, however, is instead a "skin condition" that anyone can suffer with—even those with oily, congested skin. Happily, with the right products and treatments, it's pretty easy to fix. But first, you need to be able to spot the difference. Is your skin dry? Or is it dehydrated?

Know the signs 

When you have dry skin, you'll typically have less active oil glands than that of your combination-skinned counterparts. Dehydrated skin, however, doesn't have enough water. This is usually due to multiple factors, including the weather, environment (hello there, air conditioner!) and your diet. 

Any of the therapists or doctors at Skin Renewal would be able to diagnose you with dehydrated skin by merely taking a close look at your face. But you might be able to spot the signs yourself. Is your skin covered with fine lines that haven't always been there? Are your dark circles looking darker than usual? Is your complexion looking dull and lacklustre? If you're reading this and nodding, chances are your skin could do with a serious dose of hydration.

How we can help    

If you've got dehydrated skin, drinking more water seems like an obvious solution. Still, while that'll definitely help, it's not a complete solution. While your entire body needs adequate hydration to function, your skin also needs a little help from the outside-in. It means investing in hydrating skincare containing mega-moisturising actives like hyaluronic acid, also known as HA. Despite what its name suggests, HA isn't an acid at all. It's a fluid substance that occurs naturally in your body. Its superpower is that it acts like a "water magnet", drawing in as much moisture as possible and then holding it within your skin to hydrate and plump. 

At Skin Renewal, we offer several brilliant medical-grade skincare brands, and when they promise to hydrate, they mean it. Unlike many drugstore brands that make big promises about their products HA content, our brands really deliver. For example, Lamelle HA Corrective HA+ Serum contains five types of hyaluronic acid! It's also the first product in its category to make use of hyaluronidase inhibitors. Hyaluronidase is a family of enzymes that break down the HA in your skin. Lamelle's inhibitors decrease this enzyme's activity to protect your skin's HA content. Better yet, it also contains HAFi fragments – a range of HA of varying sizes that encourage your skin to produce more of its own natural hyaluronic acid. In short, it's a next-gen HA serum anyone with dehydrated skin is going to adore. 

Next level hydration 

Using brilliantly formulated topicals is a great way to treat dehydrated skin, but sometimes your skin needs a mega-dose of moisture. In this case, we've got several in-office solutions that can help. A quick and painless 'lunch break' treatment, a Skin Booster treatment involves injecting a HA into your skin. Don't worry; it doesn't hurt a bit thanks to a topical anaesthetic. Thanks to the mixture's HA content, your skin will look and feel instantly quenched, and any fine lines caused by dehydration will vanish. Then, the sodium succinate gets to work, stimulating your skin's production of collagen and elastin. What's not to love? 

Another way we treat dehydrated skin is with a series of ultra-indulgent HydraTouch facials. It begins with a hydra-dermabrasion session that involves running a jet stream of deeply-hydrating hydrogenated water across your face. Next, a very light peel infusion will further rid your skin of dry, dead cells. After that, a transdermal mesotherapy session uses gentle electrical pulses to deliver an ultra-hydrating serum deep into your skin. Your therapist will also use a rollerball-like faradic device to perform a mini skin-tightening session before finishing up with a hydrating face mask. The result? Intensely hydrated, plump-looking skin! 

Ultimately, if you feel like your skin needs a "drink", make an appointment to pay a visit to Skin Renewal, and we'll happily quench its thirst. 

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