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A day without serum is like… Just kidding! We have no idea. When it comes to getting the kind of glow that can give the festive season's fairy lights a run for their money, a serum – or two – is a must. And, if you're serious about a more nice than naughty complexion this December, you may want to consider adding some supporting acts in the skincare department, too.

From serums to peel pads, cleansers to exfoliators, we've rounded up the best ingredients in the glow-getting business. So, let's get GLOWING…


Hydrated skin is glowing skin. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a powerhouse ingredient and a must-have in every glow-getter's skincare arsenal, thanks to the fact that each HA molecule helps skin to hold onto moisture. That means that each drop of an HA serum like Lamelle Corrective HA Plus Serum delivers on its promise of hydrated, glowing skin.


A potent antioxidant that brightens dark spots and smooths fine lines while protecting your skin from free radicals, pollution, and UV radiation, the benefits of Vitamin C run far deeper than just skin deep. Over time, unprotected exposure to free radicals can not only damage the skin, hitting the fast-forward button on premature signs of ageing but increasing your risk for skin cancer as well. 

Lamelle lover? SkinCeuticals Fan? Neostrata convert? Whatever range of skincare products is your favourite, our online skin shop offers a range of serums ready and waiting to step in between your cleanser and your moisturiser to wake up tired-looking skin and transform a drab epidermis into a fab epidermis.


Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin, speeds up cell turnover, and boosts collagen production. All while also helping to clear pores, smooth fine wrinkles, improve skin tone, fade dark patches and sun damage, and deliver skin-plumping, glow-enhancing hydration. From mousse cleansers to creams, from a foaming wash to a microdermabrasion polish, it's never been easier to add Glycolic Acid to your skincare regime. 

Both the Neostrata and SkinCeuticals ranges have you covered when it comes to this ingredient, but we're particularly obsessed with these two products:

  • The SkinCeuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser is a soft-foaming gel cleanser containing a high concentration of Glycolic Acid. It's super easy to rinse off, doesn't leave any residue on your skin, and removes oil, dirt and makeup easily. And, while it's delivering all the efficacy you want from a cleanser, it's eliminating cellular cohesions on your skin's upper layers, improving cellular turnover. At the same time, it bumps up the clarity, brightness and radiance of your skin. 
  • The Neostrata Smooth Surface Glycolic Peel pads are a brand-new addition to Neostrata's resurfacing range, delivering the benefits of a chemical peel in the comfort of your home. It exfoliates the surface layers of your skin, removing any dead or dull skin cells and stimulating collagen and elastin production, which means bye-bye to fine lines and wrinkles, "Hello, glow!" 


Let's talk about Cathepsin D. Don't worry; it's not an ingredient that rolls off of the tongue for us, either. However, it is worth mentioning when we're on the topic of glow-getting skincare. As we hit our 20s, replacement of the epidermal cells slows down by as much as 30-40%. Those in the know figured out that this decline is mainly due to the gradual drop, over the years, of an essential skin enzyme. You guessed it… Cathepsin D.

Here's the thing: When the replacement of the epidermis slows, there is a slowing of new keratinocyte production in the epidermis, and the barrier function of the epidermis also becomes impaired. This leads to a dull complexion, flaking and an increase in the appearance of fine lines in the skin. Restoring Cathepsin D activity using Lamelle Correctives Cathepzyme 1 or Lamelle Correctives Cathepzyme 2 can reverse this ageing effect. 

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of the ingredients or products mentioned in this article, chat with your therapist or doctor at your next Skin Renewal appointment or chat with us via the online skin shop LIVE CHAT feature. 

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