The cellulite myths holding you back from real results

The cellulite myths holding you back from real results

Cellulite. Most women have it, and almost all of them would prefer to get rid of it. The thing is, it's a complicated condition that doesn't have a quick fix. And think about it – if a miracle lotion or potion did exist, wouldn't it be a smash hit you'd have heard of by now? Happily, improving the look of cellulite IS possible, but this multi-faceted problem requires a multi-pronged solution. Still, before we get into what works, let's talk about what won't by busting a few myths preventing you from effectively treating your cellulite. 

Hocus pocus to avoid 

Drinking more water

We're not saying don't drink lots of water. That will always be good for you. But no amount of hydration is going to change the structure of your skin. Or what's causing your cellulite. To be specific, your skin is tethered to your muscles by fibrous connective cords. The space in between is filled with fat. When we put on weight, these fat cells plump up and push towards the skin's surface while the cords pull it down. The result? That dimpled look we know as cellulite. 

Losing weight and exercising

Right! So, if you lost some of those fat cells, you could improve the look of cellulite? Not necessarily. While weight loss can sleeken your silhouette, it doesn't change the underlying structure of your skin. This is why even those of us at our goal weight often struggle with cellulite. The same goes for exercise. If you build muscle, this can create something smooth for the fat to lie on and may help improve things, but not always. There are only so many places you have a large surface area of muscle. There's only so much muscle you can build. 


Sure, liposuction can help you remove excess fat. But again, it's not changing the skin's overall structure, and the results aren't guaranteed to be even. In many cases, the fat is removed irregularly in a way that actually makes cellulite look worse. Also, because the fat removal is permanent – meaning liposuction removes the entire fat cell, it doesn't just shrink them – it's very difficult to entirely correct this often botched and risky surgery. 

Lotions and potions  

This shouldn't be a surprise. If getting rid of cellulite was as simple as massaging cream into our skin, we'd all be using it. The thing is, there's no single miraculous active ingredient capable of changing our skin structure in such a dramatic way that it would blitz cellulite like a magic bullet. Still, topical products can enhance the integrity of our skin, which contributes to winning the war against lumps and bumps. But again, it's not a magic bullet. 

So let's talk about real solutions 

Having read through our list of what won't work might leave you feeling discouraged but don't be! At Body Renewal, we know what can dramatically improve the look of cellulite and have many patients who're absolutely amazed by their results. The thing that makes all the is our multi-pronged approach. Our years of experience in tackling this tricky problem have proven that the most effective treatment is actually a combination of several different modalities. This is why our Fat, Cellulite & Tightening solutions packages consist of multiple modalities that enhance each other's effects. 

For example, if you were dealing with stubborn cellulite, we might suggest something like our Classic solution package combined with Subcision. Subcision is a treatment in which we break the fibrous connective cords that causes the dimple effect. The treatments from the Classic solution package, including carboxytherapy, will stimulate lymph drainage, break down superficial fat, and stimulate collagen creation. Also included is radiofrequency (RF) treatment that helps to smooth out the area by "melting" the fat and shrinking the fat cell. Ingenious!

The last word

At the end of the day, cellulite is a multi-faceted problem requiring a 3D solution, and you'll find several of them at Body Renewal. Don't resign yourself to the idea that "orange peel" skin is just something you have to live with. There's a lot you can do to smooth it out. Just make an appointment to consult with any of our highly skilled therapists and allow us to impress you with our brilliant results. 


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