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What's News at Skin Renewal Willowbridge?

From a new face to a new ‘must-have’ serum, from our favourite current tightening treatment to the must-try treats we’re loving courtesy of our favourite neighbourhood eateries, we’ve got lots to share with you in-branch and ‘out of office’, so grab an iced coffee or an iced tea – whatever floats your summer-ready boat – and have a read…

PS - if you haven't watched our branch transformation yet, have a look here:

Skin Renewal Willowbridge Re-vamp

Welcome to the Team, Monique!

We recently welcomed Monique to the Skin Renewal Willowbridge family. Hailing from Nigel, she relocated to Cape Town – with her husband and two cats – this year and, well, Nigel’s loss is the Mother City’s gain! It also makes a great deal of sense for this self-confessed beach lover.

Monique started her somatology career as a medical therapist, quickly falling in love with the industry. She is highly skilled and impressively qualified but it’s her passion for educating her patients and dedication to patient care that makes her such a perfect fit for the Skin Renewal group.

We love that she’s as skilled at somatology as she is in the areas of finance, business analysis and… pastry. It’s no wonder that when asked if she prefers sweet or savoury she answers, without hesitation, “Sweet!”

Fun Fact: Monique doesn’t have a favourite flower, she loves any bloom that’s pretty and, while she’s partial to pink, she says that she likes all the colours of the rainbow, really, “as long as it’s a HAPPY colour.”

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The next time you pop in, be sure to say “Hi!” to Monique if you see her gorgeous new face in-branch in between patients.

We've Got a Generator!
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With the ever-changing, “What level are we on again?” load shedding schedules, we can’t predict whether or not you’ll be able to cook dinner or have a hot bath tonight. But we can guarantee that you won’t need to skip or reschedule your Skin Renewal appointment, because we have a generator.

We can’t speak for the national power grid, but we can speak for ourselves; two words: Always ON!

Product Focus: Neostrata Enlighten 15% Vitamin C & PHA Serum

Introducing the new gold standard in vitamin C serums:

Neostrata Enlighten Vit C 15% and PHA serum

This powerhouse face serum features a blend of clinically proven antioxidants and exfoliating polyhydroxy acid for brighter, more radiant skin.

Lightweight and easy-to-absorb, the innovative formula glides on smoothly and gives skin a boost of L-ascorbic acid, feverfew extract, green tea and Gluconolactone (polyhydroxy acid). It not only provides skin with antioxidant protection from external aggressors and oxidative stress but helps to diminish visible skin discoloration and even skin tone, too.

Because it contains polyhydroxy acid, this serum also helps to gently exfoliate the skin's surface, allowing the pure vitamin C to absorb into fresh, renewed surface layers of skin.

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The Must-Book Treatment for Summer

With swimwear hitting shop floors and countdowns to year-end beach holidays beginning, we’re loving the ND: YAG skin tightening treatment and the results it’s getting our patients, who are looking to feel more FAB than ‘flab’ while sipping on a poolside mocktail.

The natural ageing process, along with sun damage, causes collagen fibers to stretch and degrade like worn rubber bands, resulting in less elastic, weaker skin that can’t help but succumb to gravity and heading, well, south.

A series of ND: YAG skin tightening treatments delivers light energy – converted to thermal energy – deep into the dermis, where collagen resides; positively impacting sagging / drooping skin.

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Want to achieve a smoother, tighter, more toned look, naturally? Chat to your therapist about the ND: YAG skin tightening treatment.

Team News: What is Everyone Up To?

In-branch we make sure we’re doing our bit and lending Mother Nature a helping hand, encouraging – and reminding – each other to sort our paper from our plastic and keep giving our collective recycling efforts a green light!

We know that teamwork makes the dream work but, turn out, teamwork makes the GREEN work, too.

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Dr Ross recently enjoyed a well-deserved break, popping a couple of fresh stamps in his passport as he visited Italy and Amsterdam.

What was the highlight of Dr Ross’ trip? “Taking a boat out along the canals of Amsterdam.”

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Dr Graham’s been taking an, um, break of a different kind courtesy of having broken his hand and wrist, and earned himself some unplanned R&R with the cast of his favourite Netflix series and a cast as per doctor’s orders. 

We were so happy to welcome Dr Graham back on the 20th of October. We missed you, doc!

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Nurse Liana recently celebrated her birthday with friends at Silver Forest Spa, where she enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a full day of spa treatments.

Relaxed, recharged and ready to face a brand new year around the sun. “Happy Birthday Liana!”

In The Neighbourhood? Try These!

Whether you’re looking for the best coffee (Oumeul), toastie (Willows) or sweet treat (Dairy Den) in town, you won’t be disappointed with what our Willowbridge ‘hood has to offer.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Dairy Den ice cream! And their milkshakes are scream-worthy, too. Just saying.

Your Next Booking: Just a Click Away

At Skin Renewal Willowbridge, we’re always looking for ways to make communication better for YOU.

Our dedicated whats app nr is 0871531045, or you can simply click on this QR code to ask for assistance, enquire about treatments or to make a booking with us.

We're looking forward to chatting with you!

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For YOU: Our October Promotions
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We look forward to seeing you at our branch soon and, until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and ambassador news. 

With love,
Your Willowbridge Team


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