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Maya Angelou once said, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” While 2021 has been a year of challenges – and required us all to take a calming deep breath from time to time – it’s also been a year of moments that reminded us of our blessings, including each other. It’s through this lens that we look back on the past couple of months, grateful for new faces in our branch and on the Gram; new opportunities for us collectively as a team and our team members individually; and new ways to give you your best skin yet and get your GLOW on track for 2022.  

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From Left to Right: Lorian, Surita, Rachel & Louise

Familiar Faces Moving Out And New Faces Moving In

We extend our heartfelt “Congratulations!” to Sharon who has been promoted to Branch Manager of our sister branch in Parkhurst. Sharon has been part of our team since 2016 when the branch opened and we wish her all the best as she spreads her wings in her new – and so well-deserved – role. Sharon, your new team is so lucky to have you to look up to and learn from, and we look forward to seeing you continue to SHINE!

Wishing you days that shine - Sharon, Parkhurst branch manager

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Next we would like to welcome Lorian, who joined the team in May when she took on Sharon’s previous role as Medical Therapist. From the moment she walked through our branch doors, Lorian has been a perfect fit for our branch culture and glow-getter vibe. Having started her career in the beauty industry, Lorian moved into the space of medical aesthetics. She loves witnessing the transformation of her patients’ first hand, not only as their appearance improves but as their confidence grows too. Lorian, your sincere love for your patients and dedication to putting your patient’s needs first is nothing short of inspiring and your professionalism and work ethic is truly a beautiful thing to witness every day. 

Our lovely therapist Lorian, we celebrate her glow getter vibe

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In October we bid farewell to Selda. This farewell is bitter sweet for us as we will miss her bubbly presence in our branch but know that the amazing opportunity she has received to work for an international company is a door that she had to walk through. Selda, we have no doubt that your new colleagues are going to love you as much as we do!

 We bid Selda a fond farewell 

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Recently, we welcomed Pretty to our team. No stranger to the Skin Renewal Family, she joins us having been at the Fourways branch for many years. Pretty joins Rachel as a housekeeper in our branch and – having welcomed her with open arms – she’s already fitted into our crazy team like a dream! 

Welcoming a friendly new face in Pretty

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Home Makeover: The Skin Renewal West Rand Edition

They say change is as good as a holiday, and our newly decorated branch is giving us all the luxury holiday resort feels. If you’ve popped in recently, you’ll have seen the several décor touches that have left our space feeling refreshed and ready for the new year. We’re loving the contemporary details and greenery, and – if you’ve not seen it yet – are sure you will too!

Small things matter like new décor that adds that touch of glamour to our branch

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Wishing Them Their Best Year Yet

At our branch we love an opportunity to celebrate our team and when celebrating our team members means having our cake and eating it, well, that’s a bonus! Over the past three months we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate three birthdays, whipping out the cupcakes, balloons and gifts to wish Louise, Surita and Dr Maurits all the best for another trip around the sun.  

We love an excuse to celebrate our amazing team

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Are You Following Our Gram Fam?

We are so excited to have entrepreneur, content creator and 2020 Mrs South Africa Finalist @marika.opperman and speaker, MC and radio/tv contributor @salemnolubabalo_nyati as part of the Skin Renewal West Rand family as our branch influencers. Regulars at our branch for over a year, both of these content queens are never afraid to say, “Quick, let’s take a selfie!” before a treatment. We love that Marika and Salem are as clued up on social media as we are on skin. So, go on, give them a follow and follow their Skin Renewal journeys. 

Our masks hide our happy faces but you can spot the twinkle in our eyes!

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Product Focus: Heliocare


Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray SPF 50 is an easy-application, transparent broad-spectrum photoprotection spray, suitable for all skin types, that gives comfortable protection on wet and dry skin thanks to its ‘wet skin’ finish – ideal for any outdoor activity and any conditions as its both water and sand resistant. Invisible and refreshing with hypoallergenic finish, it contains Fernblock® and other active ingredients to protect against the four types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible and Infrared) while neutralising and repairing sun damage.

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Containing vitamins C and E, and Niacinamide, Heliocare 360 Capsules are specifically for those at high risk of pigmentation, ageing and skin cancer. Ideal for summer months when the sun is at its highest intensity and its most dangerous, these capsules compliment – not replace – your current sun protection routine. 

Heliocare 360 Capsules protect your skin from UVB, UVA, high energy visible light as well as Infrared radiation. And, because these capsules contain contains the highly active and potent antioxidant Fernblock®FC, rich in Ferulic acid, they repair DNA and neutralise free radicals too. 

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Treatment Focus


If you’re looking to improve the appearance of stubborn fat, cellulite and stretch marks, chat to us about Carboxytherapy. 

For stubborn fat that no amount of exercise or clean eating is able to shift, we use Carboxytherapy to break up the fat cells, stimulating new vessels and achieving rejuvenation.

For cellulite reduction, Carboxytherapy is introduced deep alongside the lymphatic system of the upper and lower leg to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. Toxins that contribute to the orange peel effect are removed and collagen is stimulated, which leads to the improved texture and appearance of the cellulite.

For stretch marks, traditionally a very difficult skin problem to treat, Carboxytherapy introduced into the stretch marks improves the collagen content, shrinking the stretchmarks and improving the appearance of them in the process. 

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If you’re looking to firm up and rejuvenate areas that you feel are problem areas, our radiofrequency treatments could be the perfect fit to help you fit confidently into your favourite swimsuit or holiday season party outfit.

Our Radiofrequency treatment uses both Monopolar & Multipolar methods, enabling our therapists to target different types of tissue at different depths. Monopolar is more superficial, where Multipolar probes offer deeper penetration. The RadioFrequency energy is delivered into the Dermis and when the current passes through the tissue, it produces slight friction which results in an intense temperature change therefore there is a collagen and elastin stimulation due to an activation of fibroblast cells.

The Radiofrequency produces a deep heating effect (hemodynamic response) in the dermis, which delivers these results: 

  • Acceleration of cell metabolism, increasing the energy consumption, removing accumulated fat.
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased oxygenation & nourishment of tissues
  • Collagen formation & stimulation. 

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Tick the 'Secret Santa' Box

It’s no secret that glowing skin is always a winner on the Secret Santa front, which is why we’ve got your Secret Santa shopping sorted with a festively fabulous range of Lamelle gift boxes. Personalised for different skin concerns, our highly-qualified therapists and Doctors are on-hand to chat to you about which gift is perfect for the lucky recipient’s Christmas stocking. 

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Get with the (Loyalty) Programme

SkinBucks, our complimentary loyalty programme, rewards you – our valued Skin Renewal customer – for your continued loyalty. As a loyalty programme member, you earn SkinBucks every time you transact in a branch or on our online skin shop, which can be redeemed in-branch for services, products, or gift vouchers. For more info about the programme or on your Loyalty Status, speak to any of our team members when you next visit our branch.

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We look forward to seeing you at our branch soon and, until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and ambassador news. And, in case you didn’t know, we have a dedicated WhatsApp number – 087 153 1041– to help assist you with information, appointments and more.

Wishing you continued good health and happiness!

With our love,

The West Rand Branch


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