Waterfall Newsletter May 2023

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What's News at Skin Renewal Waterfall?

As a team, we can’t believe that we’re already well into the second quarter of 2023. Sho! Time really does fly when you’re having fun transforming lives and doing what you love!

From giving back to ways to give yourself a wellness boost, from welcoming new faces and familiar ones to celebrating personal milestones and showcasing our current favourite treatments and trends, as with every newsletter we’ve got lots to share with you.

So, sit back, relax, grab your favourite cuppa and have a read…

Welcome to the Team

This month, we are excited to welcome a couple of familiar Skin Renewal family faces to our Waterfall branch family – Dr Caitlin von Bardeleben and Jackie Cochran.

Welcome, Dr Caitlin!

Dr Caitlin has been a part of the Skin Renewal family since June 2020, when she joined Skin Renewal, starting her journey with us with three-months of intensive in-house training, during which time she shadowed Dr Maureen before working at our Ballito, Durban and Umhlanga branches. A member of AAMSA (The Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine Society of South Africa), Dr Caitlin has a passion for photography and a keen eye for detail and flair for creativity which she enjoys applying to her medical work.

Currently enrolled in a wildlife qualification, another one of Dr Caitlin’s passions is conservation. As a Group, we are on a journey to be more sustainable throughout our business, which is why we sincerely celebrate the importance which Caitlin places on the preservation of wildlife and look forward to being able to share her learnings with the Skin Renewal team.

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Having graduated from Wits University with her medical degree, we are thrilled to have this ‘Jozi Girl’ back in Jozi as part of the Skin Renewal Gauteng team, which includes the Fourways, West Rand Waterfall, Brooklyn and Irene branches.

Fun Fact:

An intrepid adventurer, Dr Caitlin enjoyed a six-month sabbatical in the South Pacific before joining the Skin Renewal team, where she had the opportunity to really explore her photography skills and gain experience diving, which included diving with sharks. “I fell in love with French Polynesia because of its untouched beauty,” she says.

Welcome, Dr Jackie!

Jackie first joined the Skin Renewal family in 2016 and has been an integral member of our Group’s management team for over seven years. If her warm smile and approachable presence is familiar to you, it’s because you may have seen her – and experienced her professionalism with a personal touch – at the Fourways, Morningside and Illovo branches. We are thrilled that she’s joined the Waterfall team!

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Out of office, Jackie enjoys cooking, music, being outdoors and spending quality time with her nearest and dearest – her friends, family and pets.

Cheers! Celebrating With Our Work Family
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Therapist and branch co-leader Kelly (top) and therapist Louriaan (bottom) celebrated their birthdays in March, and it was such a treat for us to get to spoil them with a gift bag, some blooms and a birthday photo (of course).

It's All About Location Location Location!
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Whenever a new client says, “Can you drop me a pin, please?” we say, “With pleasure!” because it really is such a pleasure – and source of pride – to be able to share our location with the exquisite and world-class Courtyard Hotel, situated alongside the Mall of Africa in Waterfall City precinct.

Next time you pop in for your appointment be sure to pay the hotel a visit too.

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Whether you want to grab a bite to eat, sip a refreshment at the bar, catch up on some work quick while the traffic subsides or snap a post-treatment selfie somewhere ‘aesthetic’, The Courtyard Hotel could just be the add-on to your treatment you didn’t know you needed – until now.

Giving 100% to Giving Back
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In 2022, Skin Renewal partnered with producer of high-quality reusable sanitaryware, Komani, to help put an end to period poverty.

This year, Skin Renewal Waterfall and the greater Skin Renewal group decided to join forces, collaborating with Activist @candice_chirwa and NPO @qrate_sa in “changing the world, one period at a time”.                

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We are incredibly proud (and inspired to do even more) by our first collection at our Waterfall branch which saw 200 Komani boxes collected and delivered to girls at Noordwyk Secondary School.

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Easter may be over and the Easter Bunny bounced back to start preparations for next year’s sugar-rich deliveries but we couldn’t resist popping just one pic of our gorgeous Easter biscuit jars in this newsletter.

Just looking at these iced chicks, eggs and bunnies makes us ask, 

“Is it tea time yet?”

Treatment Pick: Noma's Current Favourite
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Therapist Noma is really loving Laser Genesis™ skin therapy at the moment. Here’s why…

“The Laser Genesis™ procedure is such a win for all skin types, promoting vibrant and healthy looking skin in men and women looking to target the signs of ageing and treat sun damage. Scientifically proven to produce new collagen, it’s non-invasive with no pain and zero downtime. It’s also the kind of treatment that can be added to your current treatment plan and included in your upcoming appointments, with ease," 
says Noma.

Need a Cocktail? Look no Further.
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A cocktail of minerals and anti-oxidants, Intravenous Vitamin (IV) therapies enable patients to intravenously absorb up to ten times more nutrients than they could get orally in one day. For example, Vitamin C, which – when taken in high doses – can effectively treat colds, flu and the symptoms caused by viruses.

At Skin Renewal, we offer customised intravenous vitamin therapy (administered in our comfortable and relaxing in-branch infusion suites) tailored to what your body needs, from our ‘menu’ of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants:

- Glutathione
- Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine & Vitamin B 12
- Magnesium Sulphate, Maganese Sulphate & Zinc Sulphate
- Selenium
- EDTA & PPC (phosphatidylcholine)

Immuun Boosting Punch
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A combination of essential nutrients and minerals ­– often lacking in our diets – to support daily functions of the body, our Basic Immune Boosting Pack is everything but ‘basic’.

It includes Omega 3, Meriva, High Potency Zinc, Vitamin C, Magnesium Complex, Pro-Pheroid Glutathione and High Potency Vitamin D3.

Be sure to add this pack to your cart the next time you’re in-branch or stocking up on all your skincare must-haves via our Online Skin Shop.

Skincare: It's a Man's World Too

From laserschemical peels and micro-needling to injectables and fillers, the past couple of years have seen facial rejuvenation become as hot a topic for men as it’s been for women for the past decade or so.

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More than just a trend in the anti-ageing arena, more and more men are realising that ticking regular skincare appointments off of their ‘to do list’ is as important for their overall heath, wellbeing and confidence as hitting the gym or the road for a run or cycle.

In fact, an active lifestyle and a good, consistent skincare regime go hand-in-hand to offset the sun and wind exposure from outdoor pursuits that cause skin to age, wrinkle and become discoloured. With this in mind, here are the three products we recommend to get started if you or the man in your life have no idea where to start…

Our Loyalty Programme - Rewarding Results, Long Term.

With our complimentary loyalty programme, we reward you – our valued Skin Renewal patient – for your continued loyalty. As a loyalty programme member, you earn SkinBucks every time you transact in a branch or on our online skin shop, which can be redeemed in-branch for services, products, or gift vouchers.

The SkinBucks programme comprises of three tiers:

·      Onyx (receive 1% of total spend back in SkinBucks)

·      Gold (receive 5% of total spend back in SkinBucks)

·      Diamond (receive 10% of total spend back in SkinBucks)

For more info about the programme or on your loyalty status, speak to any of our team members when you next visit our branch.

For you - Our May Promotion
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We look forward to seeing you at our branch this winter and, until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and trendsetter news. And, in case you didn’t know, we have a dedicated WhatsApp number – 0871531080 – to help assist you with information, appointments and more.

Wishing you continued good health and happiness!

With our love,

The Waterfall Branch 

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