Rosebank Newsletter November 2023

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What a whirlwind the past couple of months have been in the most wonderful way!

Not only were we able to open our doors and start showing our beautiful branch off to all who enter our exquisite space, but we’ve been welcoming some new and familiar faces into our Rosebank branch team while celebrating birthdays, out-of-office fun and Heritage Day.

So, make yourself comfy, get yourself a cuppa of whatever signals ‘me time’ and have a read…

The Big Reveal - We 'Rose' To The Occasion!

After months of hard work, pouring our hearts and souls into every square inch of Skin Renewal’s newest branch in Rosebank, we are incredibly proud to have officially opened our doors with a well-deserved celebration and “Cheers!” to all of us.

A testament to the phrase, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’, our branch is a true reflection of what can be achieved when we see past what is to what could be.

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From the abundant natural light to the decadent chandeliers (which feel more like an art installation than lighting), we love that our branch owes its gorgeous aesthetic and gentle atmosphere to the vision of the dynamic duo who have steered the Skin Renewal ship for more than two decades – our co-founders Victor and Dr Maureen.

What you see when you walk into our beautiful branch is the result of Victor’s background in architecture and Dr Maureen’s passion – and gift for – interior décor. That being said, we know Victor and Dr Maureen would agree that it takes (and took) a village to raise the bar with this branch, so a heartfelt “Thank you!” to every one of our Skin Renewal family members who made this branch everything that it is.

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We’re sure you’ll agree that these pics are worth a thousand words…

Leading Hands - With Passion and Precision

Meet the dynamic duo leading our team to success: Tania, our Branch Leader, and Rochelle, our Branch Co-Leader. Their unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership will drive our shared vision forward.

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Tania is an ambitious and dedicated individual with 14 years of experience in the beauty/aesthetic industry, where she started as a skin therapist and grew into the role of Manager.

She joined the Skin Renewal team in 2022 as Branch Co-Leader, and a year later was given the well-deserved opportunity to become the Rosebank Branch Leader.

Her admirable work ethic and drive to succeed is matched by her dedication to creating a culture of teamwork – always setting the tone from the top.

Tania has been married to her husband for nine years. Together, they have the perfect pigeon pair, Mikayla and Janku, and three fur babies.

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A harmonious blend of determination and vivacity, Rochelle is a naturally gregarious individual – thriving in social settings, and always bringing warmth and laughter to those around her.

She possesses an unwavering commitment to excellence and ensures that everything she undertakes reflects her passion for a job done well, with heart.

It’s these qualities that make her a perfect co-leader of our exceptional Skin Renewal branch in Rosebank, where we know she’ll continue to inspire and make a difference.

The Team Behind our Leaders

Our exceptional team of medical therapists stands shoulder-to-shoulder with passion and expertise. With Tania's and Rochelle's leadership, they will provide top-notch care. Get acquainted with these remarkable therapists in their bios below.

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Noxy is a hard-working and dedicated individual with a vast range of aesthetic skills. She started at Skin Renewal in 2017 as a senior therapist at the Morningside branch, moving into the role of Branch Co-Leader as her skill set grew.

But it’s her passion for working with patients, building their confidence as an aesthetic therapist, that led her ‘back to her roots’, and her current role at our Rosebank branch.

From the relationship she builds with each client to the connections she establishes and the wealth of aesthetics experience she brings to every treatment, we adore how much Noxy’s patients adore her.

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Yolanda’s relentless pursuit of excellence brought her to Skin Renewal in July 2023, signaling the start of a new and exciting phase of her career.

Ever since welcoming Yolanda to our team, her personality has been an asset to our branch and, in just a short time, she has become an integral part of our Skin Renewal Rosebank family.

Yolanda envisions a future where her growth aligns with the ever-evolving world of medical aesthetic treatments.

She is rooted in the belief that, as a somatologist, it's not just a job but a sacred duty to underline the significance of holistic skin and body care.

PICOtoning - The Future of Flawless Skin

The Pico Laser pulses in a trillionth of a second for unrivaled skin renewal! It uses ultrashort bursts of energy that create tiny plasma pockets, triggering your skin’s self-healing response

This stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles, and breaks up melanin, reducing discolouration. Lightning-fast pulses precisely target imperfections while protecting surrounding skin for safe, effective rejuvenation without downtime.

Join a revolution in radiance - this cutting-edge laser delivers a flawless, youthful glow like never before! Book your treatment today and be one of the first to experience the phenomenal glow that follows.

Click on this video to get a glimpse of this life-changing solution!

Get Ready to 'Sea' the Difference

We’ve recently launched a brand-new Marine Collagen Powder – available in Citrus flavour and Apple & Rooibos flavour – that offers benefits for skin, hair, bones and muscle mass, and the added benefit of being environmentally-friendly, compared to bovine collagen.

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Five reasons to add (collagen) to cart:

1.     Anti-ageing: Collagen acts as an antioxidant, neutralising free radicals in the body. This can lead to improved skin elasticity, moisture and reduced wrinkles.

2.     Promotes Hair Growth: Marine collagen may help support hair follicles and stimulate hair growth due to its relation to the protein keratin.

3.     Supports Bone and Joint Health: Collagen can increase bone density and support joint health, reducing the potential for conditions like osteoarthritis.

4.     Helps Build Muscle Mass: For older people, collagen peptides can enhance muscle strength and lead to fat loss, especially when combined with resistance training.

5.     Good for Gut Health: Being anti-inflammatory, marine collagen can support the digestive tract lining, potentially reducing stomach issues and promoting better digestion.

Celebrating With Our Team
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Dr Lilli turned 40, what an amazing milestone and, unsurprisingly, her celebration of stepping up to life’s ‘4th level’ was as fabulous as she is.

Forty truly never looked this glamourous! Dr Lillli, thank you for all you do and for being not only such fun to work with, but being a GIFT to the Skin Renewal family and your patients.

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Happy Birthday, Eunice and Rosi!

We so enjoyed celebrating with you in-branch and “thank you!” for the gift that your hard work is to all of us.

We appreciate you and our branch would not be the beautiful space it is without you!

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Happy Birthday to one of our amazing drivers, Nqaza!

It was an absolute delight to celebrate this wonderful team member, without whom we wouldn’t be able to do all of our treatments. Nqaza, thank you for your sense of humour, your always-happy vibe and always being just a phone call away and for making sure that our equipment and stock “arrive alive”.

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The birthday shout out section of this newsletter wouldn’t be complete without wishing our beautiful Branch Co-Leader a happy birthday.

Rochelle, without your support and hard work Rosebank would not be succeeding like it is. We are so grateful that you are such an important, inspiring part of our amazing team.

Proud of our Heritage

As a branch, we celebrated Heritage Day by celebrating one another and all the cultures, individually, which makes us a dynamic, diverse collective.

From our cuisine to our clothing, it was a day to remember – and certainly to capture on camera! As the great Nelson Mandela once said, “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference."

We "heart" Boobies
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