Parkhurst Branch Newsletter February 2022

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Here at Skin Renewal Parkhurst we prefer to think of our space as a sanctuary rather than a branch. Our stand-alone positioning offers peace, quiet and privacy, and, because our premises was once a family home, we never take the warm ambience, understated elegance and beautiful pressed ceilings for granted. 

Your experience at our sanctuary begins before you walk into one of our treatment rooms, as you are greeted by the lovely David who – having assisted you to find the best possible parking spot – never fails to make a calming, friendly first impression. And, as you walk over our fish pond (a little piece of paradise) and through our doors, the mindset of arriving at an appointment quickly shifts to one of being ‘at home’. As it should be, because, to us, you are not simply a patient, you are a valued member of our Skin Renewal family. 

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Back row from left to right: Kelly, Clara, Beverley & Nospho

Front row from left to right: David, Yolande & Sharon

There's a new firm favourite at Skin Renewal Parkhurst

In the spirit of always putting our clients’ needs first, we’re proud to be first-to-market in South Africa with Endymed Medical’s ENDYMED PRO range of results-driven, clinically-proven treatments for superior skin resurfacing, body contouring and facial rejuvenation. 
As one of the most clinically validated radio frequency (RF) devices available, with over 40 peer-reviewed clinical studies published, the ENDYMED PRO range hits the sweet spot between technology and innovation delivering cutting-edge treatments that pack a confidence-building punch with first-of-its-kind technology, minimal downtime and maximum results. 

1.  ENDYMED FSR (Fractional Ablative Radiofrequency)

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ENDYMED FSR (Fractional Ablative Radiofrequency)

ENDYMED FSR (Fractional Ablative Radiofrequency) is for resurfacing and rejuvenation. The great news is that it is suitable for all skin types, with minimal risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), even in darker skin tones and Asian skin. It offers low discomfort and minimal downtime compared to other technologies.

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INTENSIF RF MICRONEEDLING repairs and restores areas with scarring, including acne scarring, without the risk of pigmentation and side effects like bleeding or bruising. It combines Radio Frequency (RF) and micro-needling with adjustable needle depths (from 0.5mm to 5.0mm). The treatment delivers RF (Radio Frequency) efficiently to treat even the deepest acne scars with ease.

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INTENSIF RF MICRONEEDLING repairs and restores areas with scarring, including acne scarring, without the risk of pigmentation and side effects like bleeding or bruising. It combines Radio Frequency (RF) and micro-needling with adjustable needle depths (from 0.5mm to 5.0mm). The treatment delivers RF (Radio Frequency) efficiently to treat even the deepest acne scars with ease.

Have you met our newest Gram Fam Member?
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With qualifications in marketing and law, content Creator Iman, recently joined our Gram Fam as a Skin Renewal brand ambassador and influencer to her already impressive CV. Recently she had some Lasergenesis as part of her ongoing facial treatment plan with Beverley. If you love all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle as much as Iman does, give her a follow on Instagram and follow her Skin renewal journey. We know that her results will be well worth mentioning! Follow Iman on @imancoovadia_

Annual Awards

We love to celebrate the incredible individuals that make our Skin Renewal family the close-knit group of talented, industry leaders that it is, which is why we’re taking this opportunity to recognise the milestones achieved and standout performances of the last year. 

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And the Branch Support Award goes to… David Ramabulana

Thank you, David for all that you do to make our sanctuary the special place that it is. If there was an award for ‘Best Smile’ you’d most definitely win that award, too. 

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The Employee of the Year Award goes to… John Adams

We are exceptionally proud of you, John, for always going above and beyond. Congratulations on this well-deserved award!

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Celebrating a decade of dedication…

Kelly Uren

What a wonderful milestone, Kelly! Congratulations! We are incredibly proud of you and proud to have had you as a part of our team for 10 years. Here’s to many more! 

Branch Upgrade


As we age, we all need a little help in the aesthetics department and our beautiful Skin Renewal Parkhurst building is no different. If you’ve paid us a visit recently, you’ll have noticed that we’re getting a makeover of our own, including some resurfacing and ‘age-reversing’ fillers. Thank you so much for your patience. We’re confident that after some necessary discomfort and downtime, we’ll be back to looking our best and the results will be well worth it!

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Everybody (and building) needs a little help in the aesthetics department, eventually. 

The Royal Treatment for a Familiar Face
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Long-time Skin Renewal ambassador and pageant participant, Mrs Globe contender, Gretha, gets the royal (skin) treatment with Dr Maureen and our team

A part of our Skin Renewal family since her Mrs South Africa journey a few years ago, Gretha Garnett met up with Dr Maureen in preperation for the Mrs Globe competition.To find out more about this incredible empowerment platform, visit and be sure to show her some support by following her on Instagram @gretha_garnett and cheering her on. We know we’re a little biased but we think a crown would complement her glowing skin, beautifully! 

Transforming Lives. Period.
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Skin Renewal’s vision is to facilitate infinite transformation to all the lives we touch, and, this year, we will be partnering with Komani to transform young lives by helping to stop period poverty. Komani produces high quality reusable, washable sanitary pads which are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. We aim to donate 1000 packs of reusable sanitary packs to each of the three charities we support. For every 100 packs we receive, we will spend time with the beneficiaries educating the recipients on personal hygiene and how to use and maintain their sanitary pack. 

Want to know more?

Like and follow our dedicated CSI Facebook page @RenewedHopeZA for detailed information on this and our other CSI projects. 

Staff News


From pre-school to primary school, the cuteness of our team’s kids going #BackToSchool last month was enough to make anyone at least a little broody. Congrats to all of our Moms and Dads for navigating the uniform shopping, stationery labeling and book wrapping, and managing to get your small humans to stand or sit still long enough for a great pic! Because the struggle is real ;)

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Dr Nadira’s daughter’s Faria and Darya. Aren’t these two sisters just too gorgeous for words?

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Dr Megan’s daughter Emilia and son, Chase. We love the super cute facial expressions and that Pinterest-worthy letter board. Well done, Mom!

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Beverley’s son Samuel, off to kindergarten. We’re loving that handsome hairdo! 

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And this year’s #BackToSchool ‘Pose of the Year’ award goes to Yolande ‘s sons, Reuben and Sebastian. Let’s just say that they understood the assignment! 

Get with the (Skinbucks Loyalty) Programme

What do our loyalty programme & your skincare journey have in common? Rewarding results, long-term. It’s our way of saying “Thank you!” for investing in your skin, with us, and enabling you to keep getting the glow-getting return on investment you love.  

⦁ You’re automatically enrolled in our loyalty programme from your very first appointment (no minimum spend required).
⦁ You earn from 1% to 10% in SkinBucks for every R1 you spend investing in your skin, depending on your loyalty status (Onyx, Gold, Diamond). 
⦁ You can spend your SkinBucks on services or products in-branch (nationally) or online at our Online Skin Shop.  

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We look forward to seeing you at our branch soon, until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and ambassador news.

We are always available to assist you on your skincare journey and we have a dedicated WhatsApp number – 087 153 1036 – to help assist you with information, appointments and more.

Wishing you continued good health and happiness and plenty to celebrate and looing forward to another year of achieving your skincare goals together.

With love,
The Parkhurst Branch

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