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Checking in with what the Illovo team has been checking out

From getting to know some familiar faces, to giving back on Mandela Day and celebrating all the beautiful women in-branch – and beyond – on Women’s Day. From a must-have new treatment, to some of our fabulous Skin Renewal family members making moves, within our team and outside of their comfort zones, we’ve got lots to share with you.

So, sit back, re-fill your favourite mug and have a read…

Making moves: From Management to Medical Therapist
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The ever-fabulous, Noxy Mkwanazi, who we’ve all come to know and love, made a move within our Skin Renewal family, from a role within the management team to a new role; that of one of our medical therapists. Noxy is now one of two extremely knowledgeable, experienced, caring and passionate medical therapists in-branch, joining our other medical therapist, Marisa Houston, in assisting you with all your skincare concerns.

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We are delighted to have had Jackie Cochran join our team, as branch leader, back in April. If she looks familiar, it’s because she’s been in branch management at Skin Renewal for over six years, having worked at the Fourways and Morningside branches, and at our branch briefly in 2020.

Jackie is happy to be back, excited by this new opportunity, and looks forward to welcoming you to the branch. Feel free to contact Jackie directly with any of your queries, concerns and bookings, or just pop in to say “hi!”

When Jackie isn’t at work, she can be found outside; hiking, walking her dogs, playing tennis and enjoying time with friends and family, and she’s always up for a road trip!

Teamwork makes the dream work

As a small but passionate, caring and dynamic team, we love what we do. A big part of what makes us love our work, is the culture of teamwork within our branch, which is why, in June, we decided it was high time we enjoyed each other’s company socially and successfully pulled off a ‘branch break’ at the Prison Break Market in Kyalami where we bonded and created together at Clay Café.

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Sunlight, selfies and “Cheers!” to the teamwork that always makes the Illovo branch ‘dream’ work.

The (new) doctor will see you now

Please join us in welcoming Dr Janene to the Illovo Team 

Born and raised in Gauteng, Dr Janene Veenendaal completed her medical degree at the University of Pretoria and, upon graduation, joining the Skin Renewal team was at the top of her career ‘wish list’ for two reasons; she is passionate about skincare and the holistic approach that Skin Renewal takes towards skin and aesthetics resonates with her. I guess we can say that she’s turned her ‘wish list’ into a ‘to do’ list and can tick ‘Join the Skin Renewal team’ off!

A multi-faceted woman, Dr Janene loves sharing a patient's journey (and witnessing their results as their self-confidence shifts and grows), as much as she enjoys exercising, reading and watching motorsport. Always up for a challenge, she loves to travel and explore new destinations.

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Dr Janene is with us on Tuesdays and Fridays and looks forward to welcoming you in-branch to create a skincare journey that achieves your glow-getting goals.

Our dream team, how well do you know us?

Dr Lilli, our aesthetic doctor & motorsport enthusiast

Dr Lilli brings the same energy, passion and desire for excellence into her workspace as she does on the track, where her other passion, motorsport, takes place. Available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Dr Lilli will put together the perfect treatment plan for you, whatever your skincare concerns or goals.

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How do you know that Dr Lilli knows what she’s doing when it comes to skincare and aesthetics? Well, all you need to do is look at her gorgeous face. We’re convinced that she’s ageing backwards!

Dr Maurits, our Health Renewal Doctor & Family Man

Our resident Homeopath, Dr Maurits, has an extreme wealth of knowledge in complementary medicine, holistic health and supplementation. Available on Fridays, he is the doctor to book with for any of your integrative health and/or weight loss concerns. Extremely passionate and caring about his patients, he walks the health journey with each of his clients, every step of the way, with their best interests at heart. With a deep love for nature – especially the mountains and the ocean – Dr Maurits’s hobbies include rock climbing, scuba diving, fishing and gardening, and he also enjoys hiking, camping, reading, cooking and a good movie. He can often be found playing pub quiz and has been playing in a league with friends for years.

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A dedicated family man, Dr Maurits enjoys catching on a fishing trip with family as much as he enjoys catching up with his daughter every chance he gets.

Dr Pierce, our Phytotherapist & Lifelong Learner

Proud and humbled to be appointed Top Health Coach Nationally for 3 years in a row at Skin Renewal, Dr Pierce considers himself a lifelong learner, ensuring that – as a qualified phytotherapist – he is always abreast of the latest advances in the field of phyto medicine. Available on Tuesdays, he has a special interest in diet and lifestyle and is as highly dedicated to his patients as he is to his family and friends. His ultimate escape? Some R&R in the Klein Karoo.

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Dr Pierce and his life partner, Karl, have two sons, Ruan and Ewald, and when not at work he enjoys oil painting, embarking on nature expeditions or enjoying a chicken basil pesto with friends. 

Nadia, our Branch Co-Leader & Smiling First Impression

As the smiling face you see seated at the middle of the front desk when you walk in, Nadia is always ready to assist with all your queries and concerns, and while she may come across as quiet at first, she has a big personality and loves being around people. She loves cooking, music, singing and dancing, and is excited by the prospect of furthering her education and restarting an old hobby; Martial Arts.

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Nadia is married with three children – two 2-legged daughters, Harmony and Hannah, and a four-legged son, her ‘fur baby’, Cotton.

Marisa, our Medical Therapist & "Workaholic"

Married for 29 years, Marisa is very family orientated. She has a 26-year old son who still lives at home and she happily admits she is “spoiled rotten”. She also looks after her 87-year old mom. She really enjoys her work and smiles when her husband endearingly calls her a workaholic. “I love my Skin Renewal Family and look forward to coming to work every day,” she says, proudly.

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Our lovely medical aesthetic therapist, Marisa Houston

Noxy, Our Medical Therapist & Beauty Queen

One of our two medical therapists and mother of Thato, Noxy is a bubbly social butterfly who loves fine dining, traveling, wine and shopping. She is a part time model with a passion for skincare. She loves to give her clients extra TLC, walking with them every step of that way on their Skin Renewal journey. Noxy has recently been selected as a semi-finalist for Ms Global Earth SA, a new pageant created with the purpose of providing a leadership platform for all women in South African society to have a voice and utilise it for causes that impact our country.

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We are holding thumbs for our girl as she embarks on the Ms Global Earth SA journey and wish her every success as she seeks to make a meaningful impact.

Rosie & Eunice, our Housekeepers & Helping Hands

The two friendly faces that are always happy to help, with a nice cup of tea or coffee, Rosie and Eunice keep our branch looking and feeling as good as our clients’ skins post-treatments.

We couldn’t do any of what we do without the constant support and helping hands of these incredibly valued and special team members.

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Rosie (left) and Eunice (right) always make sure that our branch feels like a home away from home for everyone who comes through our doors.

Giving back more than 67 sandwiches for Mandela Day

In the words of the great Nelson Mandela “There is no greater gift than that of giving of one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.” What did you do for your 67 minutes of giving back this year? This Mandela Day the Illovo team hit the streets to deliver food parcels to those in need because right now life is tough for everyone so a little bit of kindness goes a long way in our society.

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At Skin Renewal we believe that to whom much is given, much is expected, which is why giving back every day, not just on Mandela Day, is part of our Illovo family values.

Powering on - we're getting a generator!

We are extremely excited to announce that we have just signed to get our very own generator which will run our whole branch, so no more phoning to reschedule your appointments due to load-shedding, it will soon be business as usual.

And, with that news, we want to thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding as we – along with the rest of the country – have been navigating disruptive loadshedding schedules. While we have unfortunately been unable to provide the service that we pride ourselves on over the past few months, we have been fortunate to have your empathy and kindness, throughout.

Women's Month: Celebrating our female patients

In the words of Serena Williams: "Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on."

In the spirit of cheering each other on, we celebrated Women’s Day in a couple of ways…

Skin Renewal and the Illovo team celebrated all their amazing female clients, like Thandi Mkiva (Left) and Chantal Dos Santos (Right), with a small token of appreciation. 

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Skin Renewal Illovo joined MissFit Boxing and sponsored two prizes for their Women’s Day challenge.

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That gap in the market - HArmonyCa just filled it!

Welcome to the future of hybrid injectables!

HArmonyCa composite matrix dermal filler is here, and you could be just one syringe away from never being tempted to use a social media filter again – thanks to the hybrid injectable proven to deliver clinically significant results in the targeted areas of more than 90% of patients. 

Designed to restore facial volume and correct deficiencies, HArmonyCa dermal filler promotes the generation of natural enogenous collagen (natural collagen synthesised by the body), using Calcium Hydroxyapatite microspheres to embed cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid via a particle-creating composite matrix. If you found yourself frowning while reading that then don’t worry about the science, rather focus on the evidence-based results courtesy of ‘power duo’ Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Hyaluronic Acid in one syringe.

Our August Promotion

Take advantage of the last few days of our August promotion which will brighten, soothe, calm and nourish your skin.

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Keep an eye on our social media pages for our SkinCeuticals promotion, which will kick off with spring in September!

Laser Treatments for Dark Skin Types

Mention the word laser, and those with a darker complexion tend to shy away, but please don't! At Skin Renewal we treat our skin type 4, 5 & 6 patients with the utmost care, ensuring that only devices which are safe and effective on dark skins are used.

What is my skin type?

Watch the video here: Laser Treatments with Dark Skin Type

As always, we look forward to seeing you at our branch to learn more about the treatments best suited to your skin for the changes in season or the products that will ensure your skincare journey continues at home. We love to see you and hear from you.

Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook and stay updated on all our news. And, in case you didn’t know, we have a dedicated WhatsApp number 0871531047 to help assist you with information, appointments and more.

Wishing you continued good health, a skin that glows and happiness.

Your Illovo team 

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