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From team building and birthdays, to new additions to our Skin Renewal Constantia family, from local mini-breaks to exotic overseas getaways, from model moms to global fitness entrepreneurs, from trending treatments to the must-have moisturiser, we’ve got all sorts of in-branch and out-of-office news to share.

So, grab your favourite mug, pop in a refill, and have a read…

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Recently, we took some time out, out of the office – and out of ‘office hours’ – to eat, drink and be merry together at our local Little Italy restaurant. As a new team, we’re loving how easily we’ve all settled in and how close-knit our team dynamic is already.

We look forward to our new Skin Renewal Constantia family continuing to grow from strength to strength, and many more opportunities to enjoy team-building by candlelight with great food and even better company.

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Good food, great company and flattering lighting… Our kind of team building event!

Welcome to the Team, Angelique!
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We're sure by now you've met this new friendly face on arrival!

Meet the lovely Angelique, originally from Johannesburg, who moved to Cape Town many years ago to build her life and career in the beautiful mother city.

She worked largely with luxury cosmetic brands within the training and sales departments. She also owned her own beauty salon over the years, but always aspired to be involved in a more aesthetic environment.

Angelique finds joy in people. Listening to, and understanding their needs and vulnerabilities, is what gets her going in the morning. She strives to see people happy and feeling good about themselves.

It is with this combination of industry knowledge and empathy that we are so very lucky to have her in our team! 

Family Matters

“Happy Birthday!” to our August baby, Nancy, who celebrated another year around the sun.

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Nancy celebrated her birthday with some lovely spoiles from the team!

“Congratulations!” to Charleen and her husband, Gerben, who welcomed a new addition to the Liebenberg family – their beautiful baby girl, Luvé, born on the 1st of August, weighing 3.62kg.

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We think Baby Luvé has definitely inherited mom Charleen’s good looks and camera-ready complexion!

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 And “Congratulations!” to Dr Shahra who is pregnant with her second little girl. Because she’s due at the end of January next year, be sure to schedule your appointments before she goes on maternity leave.

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The family that plays together, stays together! We love this pic of Dr Toni with her beautiful family, that was taken during some much-needed R&R in Durban over the recent school holidays.

Product Focus: Neostrata PHA Daily Moisturizer

Juliana, our product guru, really knows her skincare products, which is why when she picks a favourite and sings its praises, you know it’s a really good one.

So, why does Juliana recommend Neostrata’s PHA Daily Moisturiser? For starters, it’s a lightweight moisturiser that targets fine lines and dryness, giving the skin a smooth, hydrated texture and a beautiful glow. It also contains lilac extract – a powerful anti-inflammatory – making it an ideal addition for those already using the NeoStrata Restore Range.

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When Juliana recommends a product it’s not long before we’re all using it, too.

In Her Own Words: Portugal has my Heart!

Nicole recently got back from two weeks in Portugal with her boyfriend and his family, and here’s what she had to say about the trip… 

“I had the time of my life with the most wonderful balance of beach, food, sunshine and beautiful views. It was very hot but I made sure I was wearing my Heliocare SPF every day, which protected my skin while I had plenty of fun in the sun. The food was a highlight for me. When it comes to food, my motto is: “The spicier the better!” and Portugal definitely delivered. The wine was absolutely delicious in Porto and I will definitely be going back one day for more! In short, it was the adventure of a lifetime and Portugal has my heart.” - Nicole

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What we're up to after hours

We love that these three beauties are always together, having started as work colleagues and becoming besties. Our gorgeous previous branch leader, MarzetMaricia and Leandri, from our head office, recently went away – ‘just the girls’ – to Somerset West for a beautiful weekend filled with food, fun, friendship and some selfies, of course!

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That Gap in the Market? HArmonyCa just filled it

HArmonyCa is the hybrid injectable proven to deliver clinically significant results in the targeted areas of more than 90% of patients.

Designed to restore facial volume and correct deficiencies, HArmonyCa dermal filler promotes the generation of natural collagen synthesised by the body, using Calcium Hydroxyapatite microspheres to embed cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid via a particle-creating composite matrix. If you found yourself frowning while reading that then don’t worry about the science, rather focus on the evidence-based results courtesy of ‘power duo’ Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Hyaluronic Acid in one syringe.

The concentration of each active ingredient is similar to that of standalone Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers combined in one syringe, which means you get firmer, plumper, younger-looking skin that’s hydrated, moisturised and seems to glow from within. And the combination of these two anti-ageing superheroes rebuilds the scaffolding of your skin from deep within the dermal layers, literally supporting the layer of your face that the world sees.

If reading this has piqued your interest and you’re looking at your reflection in the mirror thinking, “What if this were a bit fuller, firmer, fresher?” while you apply your nightly serums and creams, chat to Dr Ross or any one of our world-class therapists or doctors at our branch about how HArmonyCa could be the skincare secret weapon you’ve been waiting for.

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Dr Ross is a big fan of this super-effective injectable, and recently got to show Maricia just why HArmonyCa is filling the gap in the aesthetics market. 

No Filter Needed: Our Influencer Update

We love how our influencers share their Skin Renewal journeys on social media, as much as we love the fact that we get to share their skin journeys with them, in-person.

Recently we had comedian and drivetime radio host Angel Campey and interior design addict and model Kerry McGregor pop in-branch for some skincare spoils!

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After an intense marathon in the Timbervati, @jeff_fitness_global founder @johnomeintjes paid Dr Tarryn a visit to give his over-sun-exposed skin some much-needed TLC

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National treasure and model multi-tasking mom, @kerry.mcgregor came in for one of our favourite new treatments, Profhilo® with Dr Shahra

A Night to remember...

A night to remember...

Last night, our beautiful Cape Quarter branch hosted our charismatic and hard-working, trend-setting influencers, who are always at the forefront of the aesthetic industry and marketing trends. This is why we’re incredibly proud to associate our brand with the personal brands of some of the country’s leading influencers.

As firm believers in the fact that teamwork makes the dream work, we want to take this opportunity to thank our influencer team for not only being the faces of Skin Renewal but the voices, too. 

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It was an evening full of wonderful conversation, quality connections, insightful discussions and, of course, many skillfully taken selfies! 

Laser for Dark Skin Types

Mention the word laser, and those with a darker complexion tend to shy away, but please don't! At Skin Renewal we treat our skin type 4, 5 & 6 patients with the utmost care, ensuring that only devices which are safe and effective on dark skins are used.

What is my skin type?

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Laser and Dark Skin Types

September Promotions

See below our September promotions!

Visit us in branch to get your favourite products, which will brighten, soothe, calm and nourish your skin.

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We look forward to seeing you at our branch soon and, until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and ambassador news. And, in case you didn’t know, we have a dedicated WhatsApp number – 0871531028 – to help assist you with information, appointments and more.

With love,
Your Constantia Team


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