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As the crisp Autumn chill greets us every morning, we can’t quite believe that May is here and a quarter of 2022 has already flown by.

While we’re fully future-focused, we’re still buzzing from our win of 2021: Skin Renewal Branch of the Year! What an accolade for Team Constantia. It reminds us why we’re so committed to the best in medical skin aesthetics and anti-ageing: innovation, client service and offering treatment and care that rivals the best globally.

From transforming lives through our CSI initiatives to transforming winter-dreading skins with the kind of mask we’ll always be happy to wear. From neighbourhood treats and the perfect gifts for any celebration to celebrating new faces in our growing Skin Renewal family, these are just a few of the things we’ve jotted down in this month’s newsletter. So, sit back and have a read.

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From the city...
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We are excited to introduce you to our new team member, Juliana La Cock. Juliana has been a part of the Skin Renewal family for many years and her skillset and level of knowledge is profound. Juliana specialises in skin needlinglaser vein removal and Dual Fraxel treatments, however her wealth of experience means she’s a to-go therapist for any treatment. Juliana brings energy synonymous with Cape Quarter and the city to our tranquil branch – a ray of warmth and sunshine on these colder winter days! the small town
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Nicole describes herself as a small town girl. Raised in Ladysmith, she studied and gained extensive medical aesthetic experience in Durban. Nicole worked as a senior therapist for many years but was in pursuit of working for a national and more well established aesthetic clinic.

Mindful of Skin Renewal's extensive in house training academy she jumped at the opportunity to move to Cape Town and receive in house medical aesthetic training for a few months before joining the Constantia Skin Renewal family.

Adventures in Africa: We're Exploring
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Like many of us travellers right now Maricia has kept her downtime local – and loved it. A well-deserved holiday to her home town Upington meant a visit to the Augrabies Falls too. Best news? The Orange River water flow has increased at Augrabies Falls National Park to more than 3,000 cubic metres per second. This is so encouraging considering how notoriously drought stricken Northern Cape has been.

Upskilling: Our Leader's Conference 2022
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Together, after not being able to meet in-person for well, literally years, all our managers attended the Leader's Conference in Johannesburg. Skin Renewal’s support team creates an environment where we’re able to give clients the very best service and care. And we’re thrilled that this face-to-face conference meant a space for our overarching family’s strong relationships to be fostered for the long-term. It was a weekend of knowledge share, growth and more opportunities to learn. Onwards and upwards!

There's a new firm favourite at Skin Renewal
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In the spirit of always putting our clients’ needs first, we’re proud to be first-to-market in South Africa with Endymed Medical’s ENDYMED PRO range of results-driven, clinically-proven treatments for superior skin resurfacing, body contouring and facial rejuvenation.

As one of the most clinically validated radio frequency (RF) devices available, with over 40 peer-reviewed clinical studies published, the ENDYMED PRO range hits the sweet spot between technology and innovation delivering cutting-edge treatments that pack a confidence-building punch with first-of-its-kind technology, minimal downtime and maximum results.

From fine lines and wrinkles to scarring, from sagging skin and stubborn cellulite to “It just won’t budge!” fatty pockets, the ENDYMED PRO medical multi-platform is as effective as it is safe, making it the most sought-after energy-based medical aesthetic solution to the ‘problem’ areas you’re most self-conscious about.

With numerous hand pieces available, one can easily treat all areas of the body. For example, the Intensif Micro-needling handpiece, combines micro-needling with RF, making it one of the most popular treatments we offer for the treatment of lines, wrinkles and scars. It’s no wonder we’re loving this game-changing aesthetics treatment as much as our patients who have tried it are! If you’re intrigued and would like to know more, chat to us at your next visit.

But wait... there's more

Always abreast of the most innovative and cutting-edge trends in the world of aesthetics, we’re proud to officially announce that Sculptra – “The talk of the aesthetics industry town” – is now available at all of our 18 branches, nationwide.

Why are we so excited about this addition to our treatment menu?

1.  Sculptra is the first and only FDA-approved PLLA facial injectable treatment proven to stimulate the skin’s own collagen production.

2. Sculptra works gradually to rebuild collagen; restoring the skin’s scaffolding from the inside out.

3. As an injectable, Sculptra delivers a substantial collagen boost at the deepest layers of your skin.

4. A series of just three Sculptra treatments improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, delivering an overall more youthful-looking appearance.

5. 94% of Sculptra clients agree that their treatment results look natural two years after treatment.

Why should you consider Sculptra?

From our mid-twenties, most of us experience a decrease in collagen production of about 1%. By our mid-40s we’re looking at that percentage having steadily increased, year on year, to 25%. So, while you may not notice the decrease of collagen in your 20s, by the time you’re nearing 50, your skin’s mid-life crisis could be well – and noticeably – underway.

So, if you want to target the underlying causes of facial ageing proactively, not just address the symptoms reactively, a series of Sculptra treatments is the answer.

To find out more about our Sculptra treatments, chat to your therapist or doctor at your next appointment.

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We recently had the privilege of hosting Dr Gareth from Galderma and the Cape doctors for the new and improved Sculptra Liquid lift treatment. 

A Little Help From Skinceuticals HA Intensifier:
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Why Dr Tarryn loves it!

“This is an excellent product to help complement the results of your in-salon treatments and procedures. It’s an ideal at-home investment to round off injectable procedures as it restores lost moisture and is excellent for targeting deep dehydration, especially during winter when we are exposed to harsh temperatures changes. It can be incorporated into your pre-and post-procedure care for optimal results. Think an integrated skincare approach.” - Dr Tarryn Christie

Slipper Day at Skin Renewal
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On Friday 6 May we welcomed the opportunity to be a part of the Reach for a Dream Slipper Day. Skin Renewal drives an ethos of being aware of the wider community and being mindful of their dynamic needs. We are encouraged to reach out where possible and be a part of hope and positive change. As an organisation Reach for a Dream seeks to provide children with life threatening illnesses with an opportunity to dream. We applaud the incredible work of this organisation and has such fun doing our part in fund raising for the children.

Constantia’s Coffee Buzz: We’re Hooked (in a good way!)
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This gorgeous family farmstall spoils us all with flat whites. Chardonnay Deli and bistro-café serves light meals and is our team’s favourite treat. Especially for a quick dose of caffeine. We particularly love to support their sustainability efforts – a cause close to every Skin Renewal family member’s heart. Know that when you get your takeaway coffee cup at Chardonnay, it’s totally eco-friendly. No plastic here!

Health is Wealth, and the Time is Now!
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IV Infusions during winter months are a way to support your body with higher doses of vitamins and anti-oxidants. These blends or cocktails help give your body energy, strengthen your immune system and support overall well-being and health. The real bonus is that an IV infusion means your system is able to receive nutrients direct into the bloodstream. In other words, the digestive system is bypassed which makes the absorption 100% more effective. Speak to us about the many options available to get your health and wellness on track with these effective treatments.

And as they’re performed by our skilled Nurse Wilna, who also specialises in our RID Diet program, now’s also the best time to think wise nutrition for a body that feels and looks it’s best. Come crunch time in Spring and the pressure to be body-confident means rash thinking. Rather start looking after yourself now and enjoying delicious yet healthy food that’ll do your body the world of good.

Transforming Lives. Period.
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Skin Renewal’s vision is to facilitate infinite transformation to all the lives we touch, and, this year, we’re partnering with Komani to transform young lives by helping to stop period poverty. Every year 10,000 girls miss school due to them not having proper sanitary wear.

Komani produces high quality reusable, washable sanitary pads which are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. We aim to donate 1000 packs of reusable sanitary packs to each of the charities we support. For every 100 packs we receive, we will spend time with the beneficiaries educating the recipients on personal hygiene and how to use and maintain their sanitary pack. The cost of a pack is just R150 and the pads can last up to three years; requiring only 6 litres of water to wash the pads for the duration of a menstrual cycle.

Our patients have been so amazing by adding their donation to their bill and we appreciate every single contribution. Thank you!

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Our May Promotions for You:

Below are some products to brighten, soothe, calm and replenish your skin:

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Gift Vouchers at Skin Renewal
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Finding it hard to find a gift for someone special? Why not opt for an exclusive Skin Renewal voucher?

The abundant range of treatments and products offers anyone the opportunity to choose something they truly want. 

Our Gift Vouchers are available in branch or online!

Get with the (SkinBucks Loyalty) Programme

What does our loyalty programme & your skincare journey have in common? Rewarding results, long-term. It’s our way of saying “Thank you!” for investing in your skin, with us. Read more here: Skin Renewal Loyalty Programme

We look forward to seeing you at our branch this winter and until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and ambassador news. And, in case you didn’t know, we have a dedicated WhatsApp number – 0871531028 – to help assist you with information, appointments and more.

Wishing you continued good health and happiness!

With our love,

The Constantia Branch


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