Constantia Branch Newsletter April 2021

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We are so proud to announce that our branch recently won Branch of the Year! It’s an incredible honour and something we couldn’t have done without our team and amazing, loyal patients. We always take care to treat each other, as well as everyone that walks through the door, with respect and kindness. The magic ingredient in our “winning recipe” isn’t a secret one – it’s just communication, communication and communication. 

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Branch Manager Marzet is seen here with the Constantia team. The branch celebrated more than just branch of the year with Therapist Mariesa nabbing Therapist of the year too.

So, what’s been happening within our little “family”? Let’s play “Keeping up with the Constantians”!


It was a big year for the Cronje household. Branch Manager Marzet and Danie are celebrating their 5-year wedding anniversary. Since getting married, they’ve bought property, added fur children (and then some more fur children) and are currently renovating their home.  

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Marzet has also started gardening and painting. This is especially helpful as she recently added a new furkid into the mix, Baloo, and renovations mean more walls to cover with art.

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The Cronje’s also went on a fabulous, well deserved holiday to Durban, to spend time with her family, and fell in love with little Ruben, the first grandchild on Marzet’s side of the family. 


Assistant Manager Maricia de Klerk took some much-needed leave in February where she spent time with her family out in nature. No cell phone reception, only peace and quiet. She also spent a gorgeous weekend in Yzerfontein by the beach.

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Much like Marzet, Maricia is also channelling her inner artistic side with a new hobby, painting by numbers and diamond dot art. 

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There are exciting things ahead for Senior Therapist Mariesa and Daniel Matthee. The newlyweds recently tied the knot on their 10 year anniversary date, enjoying an intimate family wedding in the bush.

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They’re now in the process of purchasing their first home, and we wish them all the best during this exciting time in their lives.

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Mariesa is also the proud winner of our Therapist of the Year award, something she richly deserves for her commitment to giving all her patients 200% of her love and care.


Therapist Anel du Plessis, our jack of all trades, has taken on a new challenge to start studying again. Soon, she’ll be the highest qualified medical aesthetic therapist at the Constantia branch as well as an industrial/occupational psychologist!

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Still, it’s not all work and no play. Anel enjoyed a beautiful holiday to Addo elephant park with her family. She’s also been making time to surf, garden, read and hone her photography skills out in nature.

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RN Serena

Balance is key for our lovely Nurse Serena Pictor. She always brings such good energy to the branch but is currently glowing from the flush of love!

At present, she’s working more flexi-hours to pursue her passions in life. These include spending time with her loved ones, and she loves doing Shiatsu.

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Nurse Serena seen here with her family and friends

Introducing a new face

Say hello to Dr Ross Connor, the newest face at our branch! During his practical years, he developed an increasing passion for the complexities and intricacies of aesthetic medicine with a focus on non-surgical applications, making him the perfect fit for Skin Renewal. We adore having him at our branch and are sure you’re going to appreciate him as much as we do. Dr Ross is available for consultations and injectable treatments on Monday and Wednesday Mornings, and Thursday afternoon.

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Going Green

We’re proud to say our branch is big on sustainability. We use the Bokashi composting bins in the garden surrounding the centre as well as hot cabbies to use less water and electricity. Nurse Serena is our recycling champion and also takes all our plastic and paper home to recycle (thank you, Nurse Serena!).

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and giving back to our wider community

For over 5 years we have had a working relationship with Streetscapes. We are very excited that the Streetscapes team have recently implemented the first off the grid laundromat. If you have a small business that has dry cleaning needs why not consider supporting the beneficiaries and this incredible initiative. To learn more about it read here: Self Sufficient Laundry To learn more about our national CSI efforts follow our dedicated Facebook page RenewedHopeZA.

Influencer News

We’re proud to be working with a clutch of lovely influencers, including celebrity hairdresser David Gillson of Carlton Hair fame and the sought after Issys Hair in London. 

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From the Left: Dr Toni, David, Marzet & Anel

The fab foodie and TV personality Herman Lensing who is the food editor for Sarie & Sarie Kos and the author of 5 cookbooks. Herman features on Minki’s show every Monday evening at 8pm on Via DTSV channel 147. Herman has started a skincare journey led by Dr Shahra. If you missed the episode in which his journey was showcased be sure to view it on Skin Renewal TV. 

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Sumaiya Omar, the 1st Princess in this year’s Mrs SA competition as well as one of South Africas leading Entrepreneurs and owner of the decadent Cake Duchess is someone who we love to see regularly her skincare journey is led by our lovely Dr Toni. 

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We’ve recently added the HydraTouch treatment to our service offering, and it delivers just the kind of glow you’d want before a big event. 

Jason Whitehead, the multi award-winning cookbook author has had a relationship with our branch for many years as he is as passionate about our CSI relationship with Streetscapes as we are. Jason continues to work closely with the Streetscapes beneficiaries. Jason has recently added another feather to his cap and taken on the mammoth task of ambassador and mentor for the Eat Out Food School. Jason is also as passionate about going green and is working on the product development for the Organic Zone food range and is a WWF Sassi ambassador. 

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We are honoured to help these gorgeous people – who are always in the spotlight – putting their very best face forward.

If you’d like to follow their journeys their handles are:


@ sumaiya_omar_za

@ lensingherman


Star Treatment

Talking about treatments… our current favourites are actually a combination of various treatments to provide the best results. Years of experience has taught us that sometimes more is more and you tend to get the best results when you “mix and match.” For example, combining a chemical peel with Laser Genesis and light therapy is a winning mix. Also, doing Fraxel sessions along with PRP facials in the winter months, when you have less sun and more time for “downtime”, is a great way to get your glow on. 

Speaking of which, our favourite products right now are anything in NeoStrata’s Skin Actives range. They’re all easy to use, serve up amazing results and our patients are loving it! 

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In all, the last few months at the Constantia branch have been pretty exciting and we are positive that 2021 is only going to see us go from strength to strength. We are always available for you, our valued patients. If you don’t yet, please follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages to learn more, not only about the team, but about treatments, products and everything that is happening in and around our branch.

Also take note of our dedicated WhatsApp number on which we can assist with appointment bookings and more 087 153 1028.

Much love,

Skin Renewal Constantia

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