Claremont Newsletter June 2024

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Capetonians, we all know how winter arrives in the Mother City….with a bang! 

That halcyon summer that seemed to go on forever has officially shut shop, and now it’s time to layer up, pull on your Hunter’s and enjoy Cape winter weather. And yes, it does have its positives.

While you’re sipping red wine fireside, think of what your skin needs this season—we’re here to help with that, of course. So let’s make it the winter of our content, knowing that together, your skin can feel amazing and look its best. Let’s do this!

WELCOME ABOARD - Meet Our Growing Team

Have you met our lovely concierge, Thabile Mzinyane? Originally from Kwazulu-Natal, Thabile is a devoted mother of three and like all us moms, cherishes her family above all else. Her passion for serving others has shaped her desire to provide exceptional experiences. We are so lucky to have Thabile as the first port-of-call when patients step into our branch.

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Kayla Fransman, medical therapist, is also new to the team. Kayla has a positive outlook on life and this significantly influences her work approach. She places a high value on patients and their care, ensuring they’re always her top priority. Dedicated to delivering exceptional treatments, Kayla creates solid and trust-filled relationships. Not only does she have the magic touch, but she ensures everyone she interacts with feels valued and well taken care of.

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MOM'ING AND MANAGING - How Lee-Zay Juggles It All

Our branch leader, Lee-Zay, is back in action after the birth of her second boy, Luca. She enjoys being a mom of two but also loves being back at work, her home away from home.

“It’s truly having the best of both worlds,” she explains. "The thing I love the most about my job is the fact that we interact with people all day, every day. This energises me as we aim to have a positive impact on every patient we come in contact with and seeing them smile at the end of a great service is the best feeling of achievement."

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Balancing motherhood with leadership, Lee-Zay is embracing the best of both worlds.

STEP INTO HOPE - Our Team Supporting Reach For A Dream Foundation

Our branch supported the Reach for a Dream initiative and joined in the cosy fun of Slipper Day last month.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY - To You (and You and You)

We adore a birthday! In recent weeks, we celebrated the birthdays of Lee-zay, Primrose and Filda.

A women-strong team, we always like to give our birthday girls the happiest of days. And who doesn’t want a piece of cake to sweeten up the work day?! Here’s to our super special ladies.

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Celebrating our amazing team’s birthdays together

WE LOVE A COVER UP - And So Does Lamelle

 You may think of a tinted moisturiser as very summery – but this all-weather essential is on our winter hit list for good reason.

First, SPF is a must-wear come sunny or cold weather. So, no matter the temperature, your skin needs protection.

Lamelle Helase Photo-Repair Tint SPF 50, not only delivers full spectrum protection against a complete range of light, but also blends seamlessly into skin. Available in four different shades, you’re in for light to medium coverage. Need to boost your cover? Simply add concealer to where you need it most.

Whatever the weather, SPF guard and skin-like coverage has your back.

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