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It’s officially the month of love and, in celebration, we’d love to share our news with you. From some brand new faces in-branch to our “needle ninja” and current favourite product and game-changing treatment in-branch, we’re excited to get to it. So, grab yourself a lovely large, chilled glass of water or a nice cup of tea, and let’s get to it…

Welcome to the New Faces!

There are a couple of beautiful new faces in-branch and we’d like to take this opportunity to officially welcome them.

So, “Welcome!” Kayla and Khanyisa!

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Branch Newsletter Image

Another new addition to the branch and our team is growing! We welcome Khanyisa Folokwe as our Co-Leader.

She is the mother of a beautiful little boy and adores spending time with him, her family and her partner. She loves doing outdoor activities, picnics, or long drives. Khanyi’s warm personality and friendliness will make you feel right at home upon your visit!

Location Location Location

While we get that when you hear “Century City” your first retail therapy-loving thought may be. “Great, they’re inside the mall” but… we’re actually not. Close by? Yes. In the mall itself? No.

So, just to make sure you don’t blame us for taking an unplanned – and costly – detour past your favourite fashion retailer trying to find us, here’s our location. As you’ll see, if you are in the mood for an in-person “add to cart” moment, then treating yourself to a little post-treatment spoil is really convenient, given how close we are to Canal Walk!

Just saying...

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Meet our "Needle Ninja!"

Intrigued by injectables or weren’t aware that we have an in-branch doctor with some serious syringe-wielding skills? Well, book an appointment with our in-branch anti-ageing and aesthetics “ninja”, Dr Shahra.

A highly skilled medical doctor, Dr Shahra graduated from UCT with her medical degree but it is perhaps the years that followed that are the most impressive. A recipient of the coveted Fogarty International Scholarship Dr Shahra attended the prestigious Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in the USA. She also went on to obtain a master's degree in public health from the University of Cape Town in 2013. Her lifelong love for learning continued thereafter and she has also accumulated postgraduate diplomas in occupational medicine, HIV management and most recently, graduated cum laude with an advanced diploma in aesthetic medicine.

Dr Shahra joined Skin Renewal in 2014 and entered into an intensive in-house training program which included shadowing Skin Renewal Founder, Dr Maureen Allem, to learn about the intricacies of injectables and aesthetic medicine.

Dr Shahra’s passion for life is infectious. Besides being an accomplished medical doctor she is also a professional tribal fusion dancer who performs with a dance troupe called Soma. Dr Shahra brings her vivacious flair to all that she touches, her poetry, dancing, motherhood, and medical aesthetics.

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“I draw on all previous knowledge and experience which I have gained in my medical career to offer aesthetic patients the best service and journey,” explains Dr Shahra. “I enjoy all aesthetic procedures, but combining my artistic eye with my medical technical skills to enhance each patient’s unique beauty, is what I love most of all.”

Isn't it ONE-derful

We recently celebrated our first birthday – a whole 12 months since opening our doors – and, as you’d expect, we pulled out all the stops (and photo ops) to mark this special milestone with gratitude, festivity and FUN!

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And the Year-End Award Goes To...

…our Branch Leader, Charleen Liebenberg, who received the Leader of the Year award and our very own Dr Ross who received the Top Doctor of the Year award. We’re not surprised but incredibly proud of these two Century City SUPERSTARS!

Side note: Both Charleen and Dr Ross have some upcoming, well-deserved leave planned so if you visit our branch and miss seeing their faces, don’t worry, they’ll be back to lead the way and brighten your day… soon.

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Branch Newsletter Image
Dr Michele's Current Product Crush
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Get "RID" Of Unwanted Kilo's!
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Sick of diets that don't work?

Together with our doctors, our RN Liana offers a solution with RID (Renewal Institute Diet).

Combining hCG injections to mobilise abnormal fat deposits with bi-weekly coaching sessions, we ensure you shed those kilos and reshape your body.

Nurse Liana will help you to stay motivated and on track with her dedicated support.

Learn lifestyle tweaks to sleep better, tame stress, nurture your gut, move moderately, and eat clean. We'll help you form healthy lifelong habits for good!

Ditch quick-fix schemes and commit to a weight loss journey, from the inside out!

Contact us to find out more!

Make a booking here: Century City WhatsApp

Sneak Peek Your New Look With AI

For the first time in South Africa, we’re thrilled to give clients exclusive access to EntityMed’s groundbreaking AI injectables simulator. This award-winning technology uses patented deep learning algorithms to realistically predict personalised post-treatment results for injectables and other procedures—before making any changes to your face.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the innovative simulator allows you to visualise customised outcomes for treatments like fillers, Botox™ and thread lifts with incredible realism. The simulator produces validated predictions to inform your expectations and decision-making.

As national leaders and early adopters of advanced aesthetic tech, we’re proud to be the only provider offering EntityMed’s transformative simulations.

Be the first to preview your potential future-look risk-free! Scan the QR code now to access the exclusive EntityMed AI simulator, or click here.

Let the AI reveal the possibilities and guide your aesthetic journey.

Have fun!

Revolutionary Rejuvenation

We’ve added the world's first picosecond micro-fractional handpiece, the Vydence HANDpico Fractional, to Skin Renewal.

This cutting-edge technology sets new standards for radiant, revitalised skin all year round. It reduces wrinkles, fine lines, uneven texture, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and melasma while boosting collagen, tightening skin, and enhancing facial contours.

Pico Toning treats general rejuvenation, pores, texture, mild sun damage and uneven skin tone for all skin types.

Pico Fractional treats general rejuvenation, pores, texture, moderate sun damage, uneven tone, melasma and mild to moderate acne scarring in all skin types.

Pico Fractional Intense provides overall rejuvenation for lines, wrinkles, sagging, severe sun damage, uneven tone, moderate to severe acne scarring, and body scars. Not suitable for raised scars and not all skin types can have this treatment.

KTP Spot Treatment targets sun spots, marks, blemishes and PIH but not suitable for all skin types.

Intrigued? Of course you are!

The next time you’re in your favourite Skin Renewal clinic, be sure to have a chat with your aesthetic doctor or medically trained therapist about this truly revolutionary anti-ageing and skin-perfecting technology. 

Watch one of our Pico Laser videos here: Pico Laser

For YOU - Our February Promotions
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Branch Newsletter Image

With world-class facilities, industry-leading tech and practical perks like ample parking, we have no doubt that every new face that comes in for a treatment will soon become a familiar one. Oh, and if you’re looking for ‘off the radar’ privacy and complete discretion, our branch is your branch. 

Contact us on our dedicated WhatsApp nr: 087 163 2043 - we look forward to seeing you soon! Until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and trendsetter news.

Lots of love,

The Century City Team


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