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You know how they used to say a relationship isn’t really official until it’s Facebook official? Well, the way we see it, a new Skin Renewal branch isn’t really official until its first newsletter.

And here we are! Our first newsletter, just a couple months into our new home and time sure does fly when you’re having fun – and doing what you LOVE.

As with each and every Skin Renewal branch, since the very first one opened in 2005 by our company’s founder, Dr Maureen Allem, the luxurious Century City clinic is staffed by the best in the business, including our resident doctors – and long-time Skin Renewal family members –   Dr Ross Connor and Dr Helenka Fourie.

Branch Newsletter Image
Branch Newsletter Image

Both bring a wealth of cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing experience to the new branch, having built impressive reputations within the group and the broader aesthetics community. And, because it’s always teamwork that makes the dream work, our two doctors are supported by the best in the business – a veritable dream team of qualified and experienced therapists.

Our CEO Victor Snyders recently said it best, “It’s about growing the people we work with and come to work for; transforming the lives that walk through our doors and cross our paths; and investing in the country we’re proud to call home.”

And, on that note, we’re proud to bring you our news…

The Power of You - a Look at our annual Leader's Conference

At Skin Renewal, we are passionate about transforming lives and YOUR skincare journey.

The team behind the journey comprises of marketing, training, operational, finance and of course your branch leader. Charleen spent the weekend of the 11th and 12th of February with the Skin Renewal team on the Annual Leadership Conference.

Ideas were shared, passion was ignited and innovation explored. Charleen can't wait to share the energy and vision with her team and for YOU, our valued patient, to continue to be a part of the Skin Renewal journey and family. 

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But first coffee, with two familiar faces

Charleen, and therapist, Bianca, are no strangers to the morning caffeine fix for the Skin Renewal family.

Having moved from Jo’burg to play a key role in the latest addition to Skin Renewal’s ever-growing national footprint, as the Century City team we’re delighted to have Bianca’s infectious energy in-branch, and know that our patients will find her wealth of experience across all treatments and skin types invaluable.

Equally well-known in Skin Renewal circles, Charleen has managed both the Willowbridge and Constantia branches – excellently – and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of opening new doors for the Group. So, this is most definitely not her first rodeo!

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Bianca and Charleen’s favourite coffee spot? Bootleggers. They love it, because the staff know exactly how they each like their coffee, asking, “The usual?” the minute they walk in.

'Twas the Season for Festivity and Family

Being our first newsletter, it’s the first chance we have to share how our team brought 2022 to a close. Here are some of our favourite December snaps from some of our favourite people.

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Charleen spent Christmas in Hartenbos with her family, “for the first time in years”, and is incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to make so many priceless memories over the festive season as she soaked up the sun and spend quality time with her family.

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Always up for an adventure, Bianca ended 2022 with her significant other and his family at Kardoesie in Citrusdal. So, how was her first camping experience since school? Absolutely wonderful!

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From feeling the sand between her toes on the beach, to picnics and swimming amid the mountains, when it comes to R&R, Liana clearly knows how to make the most of the REST and RELAXATION! Four words: Leave days WELL spent.

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And the Best Dressed award goes to… Dr Ross! As Christmas style goes, it simply doesn’t cooler. We love how this picture captures our Doc’s ‘beat the heat’ strategy – Chilled beverage? Check. Outfit worthy of an #ootd post? Check. Gram-worthy view? Check!

All Eyes on Endybleph

What’s Dr Maureen’s current favourite treatment? Endybleph eye rejuvenation with Fractional Radiofrequency Resurfacing. She loves it because, not only can it treat the whole eye area including the lower lid and malar bags, but with just 2 to 4 treatments (depending on your age and lifestyle) you’ll start to see results.

“The eyes are the first area of the face to age,”  explains Dr Maureen, “So it’s great as a ‘prejuvenation’ treatment for someone in their 20s and 30s looking to reap the long-term rewards of starting an anti-aging regimen at a younger age. They see how their mothers and grandmothers have aged and rather want start being proactive about ageing, rather than being reactive, when it’s almost too late.”

Want to know more? Head over to Instagram and watch this reel:

Endybleph - Eye Rejuvenation

Product Focus - Cosmelan

The MesoBrite Lite™ treatment is a professional depigmenting method that assists in reducing and removing the most severe and resistant pigmentation spots with maximum efficacy and safety. A unique combination of active ingredients with proven efficacy yields both a short- and long-term outcome for those plagued by pigmentation, come rain or shine.

How does it work?

  • It corrects the skin by visibly reducing stubborn, deep pigmentation patches and spots (such as those present in melasma or hormonal pigmentation).
  • It regulates the overproduction of pigmentation to prevent the reappearance of the pigmentation spots due to the maintenance program.
  • At Skin Renewal, to improve results with Cosmelan, a radiance peel is applied immediately before the mask treatment at no extra cost in order to properly prepare and prime the skin for the treatment.

Should you book it?

Considered an exclusively medical treatment, the Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment is only permitted after a medical consultation. So, chat to your therapist about whether or not it would work for your skin and particular concerns. If so, Dr Ross or Dr Helenka would love to chat you more about it.

Our Trendsetters
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Meet Az’emahle Dyubeni, a fashion, beauty & lifestyle content creator with a passion for living intentionally. She recently popped in to have a HydraTouch facial.

Give her a follow on Instagram @azeegreen to follow her Skin Renewal skin journey.

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Meet Corinne Durheim, a public speaker, TV presenter, MC, model, author & image consultant who’s motto is 

“Find your voice and inspire!” She always brings a pop of colour and motivating energy into our branch, which we love!

Give her a follow on Instagram @corinne_durrheim_cornelissen to be the first to see her stories from her regular visits.

For YOU: Our February Promotions
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Your Next Booking - Just A Click Away

At Skin Renewal Century City, we’re always looking for ways to make communication better for YOU.

Our dedicated whats app number is 087 163 2043 to ask for assistance, enquire about treatments or to make a booking with us.

We're looking forward to chatting with you!

Until Next Time!

With world-class facilities, industry-leading tech and practical perks like ample parking, we have no doubt that every new face that comes in for a treatment will soon become a familiar one. Oh, and if you’re looking for ‘off the radar’ privacy and complete discretion, our branch is your branch. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! Until then; connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and trendsetter news.

Lots of love,

The Century City Team


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