Cape Quarter Newsletter November 2022

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In Cape Town, we always talk about “season.” Well, it’s here! With a big, bright and beautiful capital S! Fully flinging ourselves into summer mode, we’re so ready for it. And we’re ready to get you summer-sorted!

Quite literally. Armed with one of our hot-weather favourites, Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray (by the way, it allows for an easy application to all hard-to-reach areas, including the back), we’ve got a ton of tips and treatments to share as the year winds down, and we look ahead to 2023.

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Let us help you see this year out feeling your absolute best, and face the new one filled with self-confidence and positive energy. Cheers to that!

Dream Team: Our Cape Quarter Family

Our branch is as down-to-earth as our sustainability efforts, keeping our space greener, cleaner and of course, very calm (you’ll love us for that!)

Our Cape Quarter family, consists of managers, Storm and Claire (your first port of call), as well as our aesthetic medical doctors Dr DominiqueDr ShahraDr Tarryn and Dr Ross. Therapists, Kayla and Riekardt, make up our very special community.

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The Month That Was

This past October, we joined in community efforts to recognise Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dressing our branch with pink balloons, and placing the pink cancer ribbon in pride position next to our Skin Renewal logo.

Still one of the most common cancers amongst all South African women, we are determined to do more to highlight the risk of this disease. Please chat to us about any concerns you may have and we’ll guide and support you at our branch, and within the wider Cape Town healthcare community too.

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We love this quote from the ever-inspirational Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

Ready for Summer? Oh yes we are!

Hello sunshine, how we missed you! However, more outdoor time in the gorgeous Mother City means tackling pigmentation, and like that cousin that rocks up in Cape Town and asks to use your guest room, dark marks and uneven skin tone are very hard to shift once in residence. This is where a product that acts as a “prevention is better than cure” treatment, means everything.

Our new favourite, SkinCeuticals Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment, is a lightweight gel-crème formula that helps improve uneven tone and clarity for blemish-prone patients. An on-target choice for oily skin conditions, guys' faces will benefit from this skin unifier too.

With a soothing botanical blend, it’s proven to illuminate the skin, improve the appearance of post-blemish marks, and address clogging surface oils.

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Dr Ross can’t do without it; he’s seen a huge improvement in his skin while using it, not only during the European summer hols, but on his local weekend hiking adventures.

Is That December Knocking on the Door? Let the good times roll!

As we start welcoming international travellers to our beautiful city, we get rather smug at everything Mama Cape Town has to show off.

From the Galileo Open Air Cinema, the Red Bus tour, to Table Mountain’s cable car and perhaps our best – beach days (and that icy dip) – sorry fam, but we’re out and proud Capetonians.

Now is always the best time to enjoy the buzz. And our tribe are celebrating their own special times too!

What's up Doc? Celebrating our team

Our amazing needle ninja, Dr Shahra is expecting her second little girl in January, and we’re beyond excited that another small super-woman is joining our special Skin Renewal family.

Speaking of family, three members of our team celebrated another trip around the sun, and of course we got in on the action. Happiest of birthdays to Dr ShahraDr Tarryn and Dr Ross for last month. Keep the cake and bubbles coming!

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"Happy Birthday" to our gorgeous doctors!

We Clinked Glasses with the Who's Who's of Instagram

Our very own hub was the venue for the recently held Cape Town influencer event. The doctors in the Mother City and our Cape Quarter team welcomed a host of Cape Town’s star influencers (hi beauties, Tracey and Kerry McGregor), from well-known Skin Renewal faces like Jason Whitehead, who is as passionate about social and community upliftment as we are, to our fit-star friends Juls and Johno Meintjies.

The chance to be together and connect was not only super fun, but incredibly special, given what the past two and a half years has meant for us all. It was a real celebration to have a proper party, and enjoy every bit of the vibe that singer Amy Jones lent to the evening.

Thanks to all who joined us!

WATCH: Our Cape Town Influencer Event

Your Best Summer Starts Here!

Can you smell that holiday already? It’s just around the corner! And if you’re getting your packing essentials together, let us help you. Make your getaway or leave time count even more with these three skincare essentials – they help beat the heat and keep your skin protected, maintained and treated.

Lamelle Luminesce Brightening Cleanse

Start your day right with a gently foaming wash, suitable for any skin type that suffers from pigmentation. And as the sun may make yours worse come season, preventative measures like clever cleansers with ingredients such as organic extracts of mallow and peppermint to soften and tone the skin, equals a smart solution.

Neostrata Enlighten 15% Vitamin C + PHA Serum

Serums are one of the wisest skincare investments you can make, due to their active ingredient formulation. And vitamin C does amazing things for skin, including help reduce pigmentation and signs of ageing. Why wouldn’t you want to sweep this on?


With its reputation for being at the forefront of SPF technology and UV protection, Heliocare protects the whole family. And there are so many options no matter your skincare concerns; beach days, lunch days or just at-home days – there really is no excuse nót to wear sun protection.

...And Relax! Books for the beach, bed and beyond

Time to go back to actual turning of pages instead of endless scrolling on screens? We are so here for that! Dr Ross is an avid reader and come holiday time, he stockpiles exciting books.

Here are just a few of his current favourites:

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Your Next Booking - Your a Click Away

At Skin Renewal Cape Quarter, we’re always looking for ways to make communication better for YOU.

Our dedicated whats app number is 0871531020, or you can simply click on this QR code to ask for assistance, enquire about treatments or to make a booking with us.

We're looking forward to chatting with you!

We know you have so much on the go at this time of year. Our joy lies in treating our Cape Quarter community, so please pop in and let us get you ready and restored to start 2023 with a bang. We’d love to see you soon. Stay well, travel safe and holiday happily.

With our love,
The Cape Quarter Team x

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